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Friday Morning Island Style Coffee Break

We both decided beach time was in order Friday morning and as luck would have it, Dick ad I had the same errand of getting some important papers printed. So we headed south down our favorite back road and wound our way towards the closest printer option, La Isla Bonita internet.

I was feeling very TGIF and officially on Belize time, Dick called it that we needed to get sidetracked at El Divino for chicken nachos. I went the extra mile towards kicking back and relaxing with a Cape Codder or two 🙂 While there we got to check out progress on the new lounge area, an idea that has been long tossed around and is finally coming to fruition. It is situated where Monkey business tours used to be with new entrance from the bar. Dick and I both agreed the Martini Lounge addition is definitely going to be a lot of peoples’ new favorite hangout.

I will add a picture of the relocated tours area soon which is now in the cute white building with a terracotta roof and a colorful sign on the right side of the front drive, perfect spot.

After our snack, we hit the beach for some dock time and boat watching. I could not think of a better way to do chill time, the weather was perfect and the clouds kept us comfortably shaded.

It was not easy but I was able to pry myself away from the gorgeous sea view and go back to work. Sometimes you run the risk on Island Style coffee breaks that you will not make it back to work, thankfully Erika was coming in so Dick was watching the clock as well.

a cape codder at el divino restaurant banana beach resort
Cape Codder and Shawn
belize bars
Big flat screen going up in new lounge
Banana Beach Belize
Island style coffee break
belize boat
Admiring the boat

I was working on this post yesterday morning and planning on finishing it after a short walk to clear my head when a text from Leisa sent me into a whole different orbit.

She was looking for someone to go shotgun on her errand run and chose the ADD taco over the ADHD Cowboy 🙂 New plan was, I would time my walk accordingly, she was going to leave in 20 min and find me on her way or at Banana Beach. That gave me some extra time at home and since I was scanning my laptop, I shifted my focus and was able to get some house cleaning in.

Aside from connecting the dots and problem solving my walks are also useful because I often run into people I need see for what ever reason. Today it was Pedro driving by with a reminder he was sending us on date night to the Royal British Legion Belize dinner at El Fogon.

I went as far as the gas station, stopped for a min to make a few notes about a Big Red Cross Belize project that is in the works and then headed south again. It was not long before I heard Leisa in the hot wheel. I was just past Hummingbird furniture and rode with her the rest of the way to El Divino. We had a nice lunch and chatted about how full our plates are, how we both needed to get away from it all, recharge, and just enjoy being right here right now for a while.

belize bars
Giant tv in new lounge area

It was not long before Cowboy surfaced, in the interest of recharging Liesa’s batteries they had taken 2 vehicles to town. He called and sidetracked us in the direction of the the Seahorse Lounge. We got there first and caught up with Margie. Then Doug showed up with a girl they were looking to hire and they ended up doing an on the spot interview. I decided that was a good opportunity to get horizontal under a palm tree and enjoy the view from a lounge chair.

Later on Leisa and I laughed and agreed it was such a Belize thing to end up doing an impromptu job interview at a bar. We zipped around town looking at custom wood bar stools and I took her on a nice detour to the other side of the runway and a secret shopping place. We stopped at Save On on the way back to town and then parted ways. She had to hit Super Buy and Castillo’s hardware store and I needed to try and catch a nap and get ready for my hot date 🙂

I decided to walk home and enjoy my music player, along the way I caught 2 rides and got as far as Marina’s. I continued on south and ended up running into Cowboy out front of Banana Beach Resort. He sidetracked me again, this time to try a drink that he got served by accident. It looked harmless enough then I found out it was whiskey and cranberry, which caused laughter from all sides of the bar. Everyone knew I am so not a whiskey girl, I was surprised it actually tasted pretty good. I will not be adding it to my top 10 drink list and I was glad it was a  half glass, after a while I could tell my body did not like it.

belize beach
Stopped to meet Cowboy at the Seahorse and see Margie

Afternoon nap time was great but not long enough and date night was wonderful, there were many familiar faces. We ended up sitting at a table with Roadkill Bar Jo and the Cartwright crew, the food was delicious and conversation flavorful. We talked about anything and everything, my Halloween pleasure boots still made the table talk 🙂 By the end of the meal we were all stuffed, Jamilla is the best cook and she outdid herself this time. The 6 pm service was packed and I am sure 8pm was as well, they were already coming in as we were finishing up. Pedro came and sat with us a min and we saw Phil and Marie on their way in.

Tacoboy and I were both in minor food coma, but I had texted him earlier to plant the seed of going for a joyride across the bridge after dinner. I figured since a golf cart was one of the benefits of  Pedro’s date night, we might as well enjoy it. So we finished off our date at the pool bar by enjoying a drink with Cowboy Doug. He tried his best to waylay us for the night  but we both played the ‘I have to work in the morning’ card and promised him we would do a sleep over party asap. We were supposed have  one last week, but I cancelled and told Doug I did not want to subject them to my foul weather state of mind.

On the way home we laughed about how close we both were to caving into Cowboy and staying the night at Grand Caribe. When we woke up to a heavy rain shower early this morning we were glad we had found enough willpower to make it home last night.

ambergris caye restaurants
Royal British Legion dinner at El Fogon
el fogon belize food
Potato with tamarind sauce
san pedro restaurants
Spicy Lentil soup
san pedro restaurants
Beef Rogan Josh, Aloo Gobi and Pilan Rice
what to do in san pedro belize
Mango Kulfi

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  1. Charlotte says:

    If I lived there, work would be the last thing on my mind. How do you do it, TG?? I would go for a coffee break and end up on the beach every time.

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