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Foul Weather

Yesterday I was having a foul weather day inside my head, very stormy and it only got worse when a job I was trying to finish turned into a big can of worms. I suddenly went from being optimistic on finishing in a timely manner to feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. As I was sitting at my desk stewing I decided my best course of action would be to go for a walk and shake it off.

So I packed up my music player walked over to Lucky 13 house for some chill out time. I found Dick and Dave sitting in the screen porch discussing planting coconut trees and where to put the new ones, the old trees had to be cut down because of yellow palm disease. Within 10 minutes I was feeling much more relaxed and less stormy in my head, way better than Prozac.

We hung out and snacked on fruit, rearranged coconuts in the yard and went up to the newly built second floor to catch the sunset.

To find out more about Lethal Yellowing you can read the guest post Saving Long Caye from Coconut Disease in the 90?s by Lucy Wallingford of Slick Rock Adventures.

belize fruit
Snack time
belize house
Hanging out in backyard at Lucky 13
baby coconut
Young coconut tree
belize boat
Taboo waiting to get repaired and out on the water
coconut disease
Yellow palm disease
belzie crabs
Crab holes
belize rental houses
Shells and Orchids
san pedro sunset
Sunset on the canal
tropic air
Tropic plane flying over canal house
tropic air belize flying to san pedro airport
Watching Tropic Air fly into San Pedro and Sunset on the canal
belise rental
Watching Sunset from newly built second floor at Lucky 13 house

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