Free shrimp cocktail

As usual time is moving too fast this morning. I did manage to get a lot done before class and already have my suit on and ready to go – need to leave a few minutes early as I have to stop at my mailbox and get a slip so I can go to post office get my package. Thanks for letting me know I had mail Dianne as promised I am getting it sooner than later ha ha.

Just got word from Tammy and definitly making a stop there later. She said today at Hummingbird – if you come in for lunch between 11:00 and noon or between 1:00 and 3:00. You will receive a “fresh never frozen” shrimp cocktail for free – only “while supplies last”. It is a 10.00 value and she wants everyone to try these delicious BAL shrimp cocktails – available daily as well as several restaurants and bars in town and up North.

Shared a chicken cesar salad and caught up with Keli at Hummingbird – had not seen her since she got back so was nice to chat. Her golf cart still awol in case anyone sees a black cart with I Do Belize Weddings on it

Afterward I went to go get my mail and almost choked at the customs price – $80 bzd to pick up some skincare stuff that I got accepted to product test. Apparently lotions are subject to higher duty.

Going to Lime for the Lasagna / pasta cook off tonight – Carole and Mario are entering so is Maureen.

Imagine sampling 13 delicious kinds of lasagna at one time – Garfield’s fantasy. Even though the cut the pieces fairly small they could have been halved again. By number six I was starting to feel on the full side but I managed to get through all 13 going for smaller peaces near the end so I could give a fair vote. I picked #1 which as it happens turned out to be the winning one belonging to Jock – Sunset Grill came in second with a delicious seafood lasagna and Mario and Carole took 3rd. Everyone did a fantastic job and the garlic bread was delicious.

Maureen Paul and JD

Maureen Paul and JD

Endeless lasanga

Endless Lasagna – yum

Saga fundraiser

After dinner conversation


Hanging out at Lime

Dick and Jack

Look who we found on the way home

Brat pack

Dick Paul and I heading home in our lasagna comas and the rest of Brat pack was hungry and going for food. Stopped to chat abo.ut Cindy and Jeff’s upcoming wedding and see if Paul would be a bridesmaid

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  1. Ruthie says:

    I sure hope Lime doesn’t run out of cook-off before we get back!! This one was tough to miss out on.

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