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Belize Navidad and Boxing Day Fun

We got to having too much fun on Boxing day that I did not even want to look at the Christmas pictures, I knew there were way to many and my camera was behaving badly that day so I held off till this morning. As usual we had a great time at the Christmas  party, the food keeps getting better every year and Pedro’s staff always does an amazing job.

Although only 15 out of 60 or so of us decided to play, the gift game was super fun and lots of stealing action went on. Among the hot stolen items were, a case Belikin Beer, Patron, Kakaw Chocolate body products, blender, bread maker and Croc pot.  I ended up with one of the 2 irons and got Paul to steal the crock-pot for Cindy, it was her first year not playing due to baby. Luckily she only missed the game and not the party as she was due at Christmas, but Tinker wanted to be a 12 12 12 baby instead.

We went to go visit the Milner – Vigna family yesterday and drop off the last presents that would not make it on the ATV from the Simple Shower. Since part of the plan involved food and the beers had run out we decided to venture across the road so Cindy and Cheri could walk the dogs on the beach.  Andy, Paul Tinker and I stayed at Feliz Bar and Grill,  Andy opted for a Belikin lunch, tacoboy and I had paninis and chip cut fries yum. While there we ended uo enjoying some unexpected gaming, first came Daily Roll and did not win, you pay a couple bucks to get 5 of a kind in one or 2 rolls and can only enter once or twice a day. Then Bingo where Cheryl and Newell tag teamed and came out the big winners of the 3 games we played.

Picture gallery below with  Sad Bastards Annual Christmas party at Pedro’s Bar, pictures taken with my Cannon and Boxing day at Felize, pictures taken by Paul’s LG Thrive camera phone. He was even able to email them to me right on the spot because Feize bar has wireless internet option.

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4 thoughts on “Belize Navidad and Boxing Day Fun

  1. tacogirl says:

    Technically both officially the 25th Maria. Lots of people in town decorate and Christmas is fun here. Many restaurants do Holiday meal specials.

    Mayan Princess is a great spot to stay. Nice clean rooms with kitchenette and very central.

  2. Maria hagelkvist says:

    Hi, great to read a little bit about christmas in belize! We are coming to san pedro this christmas and would like some tips on what to do. Is christmas celebrated the 25th or 24th? We are from sweden and usually celebrate on the 24th , nice to hear about what happens over christmas in san pedro. We will stay at mayan princess, is this a nice place and do you know if they have some happening over christmas? Lots of questions..sorry. Looks great! Brgds maria

  3. Charlotte says:

    Folks look gorgeous, happy and festive to me. Should be called the “Happy Bastards” Christmas party. Even new baby Tinker looks happy in her Christmas frock!

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