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Living in Belize

Fast Moving Clouds


The clouds to the north east this morning were mountainous – Huge and fluffy. I took a few pictures came in to see what they looked like on my lap top went out to take a few more and it had completely changed to blanket looking clouds within 5 minutes.

The Weather here in Belize can change so fast it is one thing that people do not always seem to realize. I will use Rainy season for example – often those big puddle shots that I post are a result of fast furious rains and not day long downpours. Sometimes they are at night too so we get hot and sunny all day and then at night the rain comes and keeps the puddles growing. I was just talking to Lara on the coconut phone and she is on the mainland in Dangriga area and preparing to come home she said it is hot and sunny there.

Funny as I am typing this it just started pouring I can tell this one will last longer because we have a Tropical Wave coming in – no aquafit this morning which suits me fine I like lazy rainy days. Even that did not last long it is looking like the rain is slowing down now. I can tell because I can hear the workmen across the canal getting back to work while they can.

San Pedro Belize

Ambergris Caye Belize

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  1. GwenA August 22, 2010

    Actually, it didn’t rain during aqua fit. Looked like it for a while….

  2. tacogirl August 21, 2010

    I thought so too Sandra. Was nice meeting you too – any plans for when you will come back?

  3. Sandra August 20, 2010

    Wow those are some amazing looking clouds. It was good to meet you guys when we were in Belize. Hope to be back soon.


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