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Back it up

I am behind at backing up my computer due to not being ready to take the time to organize it all. I kept getting the feeling of not letting it sit to long so my perfect solution – chuck it all on my 16 gig flash drive for now and then at least it is there till I have time to sort and do a proper back up on my Samsung s2 portable hard drive. I am still amazed at the size of external hard drives these days 320 GB [or 640 GB] fits in the palm of your hand.

All my files took 1.03 GB of space and that left me with 13.8 GB. My flash drive was empty when I started and it only showed  14.8 GB of space – can anyone explain why there always seems to be a bit less space than you are supposed to get on flash drives?

Got to run I am off to a meeting at a new hang local  out D’ Sea – beside Mayan Princess Hotel. D’Sea is a new convenience store that sells all kinds of cool stuff – my fav is the $8 bzd sunglasses I bought 2 pairs at that price. The ones I was looking at elsewhere were $30 bzd and same quality.  The best part about it [and why we chose to have our meeting there] is that they have a huge veranda overlooking the beach and offer free wifi.

Downtown San Pedro Belize

Downtown San Pedro Belize

Downtown San Pedro Belize

Downtown San Pedro Belize

Downtown San Pedro Belize


  1. Vern and Sue I think it is owners apartment now would have to double check that with Domenic.

  2. So tell us, is Lily’s Hotel no more or are there still rooms up above D’Sea?

  3. It is Amy – great people watching spot.

  4. Nice Gary – wicker pod chairs are cool.

  5. Looks like the new place may be a hit already. Will have to check it out next year while we are there.

  6. We just had coffee at D’Sea this morning.
    We loved sitting in those pod chairs watching the beach activity while enjoying our coffees. Great spot indeed!

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