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Early Start

Jeannie and Mary were the first scheduled appointments at 8 am. Jeannie is with Rosario now, and Mary took a ride to the french bakery and will have her treatment after.

When Jeannie was done, she had a wonderful glazed happy look and was ready for the hammock. She said that Rosario’s work was fantastic.

I’m getting excited for my treatment.

Stay tuned for more…

12:30 pm – just finished and enjoying coconut water on the balcony with Rosario. All I can say is wow! That was good. Will process a bit and describe more later.

I said to Rosario she could proceed with my treatment in which ever way she felt was best. She started by having me home the Sastun and breathe, then she took it and told me a bit about myself and what she saw.

She started with a massage on my head and shoulders area, and did other things like following meridian lines with her fingers and gently tapping various spots. It like she was navigating a map or tracing out certain lines. (So much happened it’s hard to replay and I’m not really feeling like being on my PC right now, but giving it my best shot to describe the treatment).

Rosario also did some abdominal massage, and she tapped specific areas telling me if I felt pain there or not without me saying anything, and she was bang on. She said my kidney area is in need of work and also mentioned my nervous system is a bit out of whack. She used a specific thorn and did a few spots similar to acupuncture and said this would help circulate energy and remove toxins. After that she did more massage and muscle work, and I can tell you right now I’m feeling very relaxed and that same happy glazed feeling I saw Jeannie with earlier.

Mary is bringing Chase for a treatment later on; he needs help with his back.

Holy Cross School was given a generous donation of rocks for Christmas, please feel free to visit the school blog and find out more.

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  1. caribbean soul says:

    Wow talk about Karma or asking the universe….I just read an article in my massage mag this weekend about a therapist who trained with Rosario and how it changed her life’s purpose. Great work Rosario does glad to know she is continuing the work.

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