San Pedro Belize

Are you ready?

Every year someone always asks “Are you ready for Christmas?”

I got hit with that question last night on the coconut phone from my friend Pax in Denver. Luckily, I don’t have much to get ready for. I gave up decorating years ago and now I just enjoy other people’s handy work. As for gifts, we don’t do a lot of exchanging either. My mom and stepdad asked that we just donate some money in their name on the island. Other than that, we just do Pedro’s gift game. I try to keep a few small items on hand in case someone surprise gifts us.

For those of you who are still sorting out your Christmas shopping – I highly recommend Quicksilver gift certificates. You can get them in any amount, from $14 – $400 which can be put towards errands, flyer design, and distribution mailboxes. What better than giving someone the luxury of time and being able to have someone else run errands for them.

Quicksilver gift certificates

Gift Certificates

Flower delivery

Miss Dianne getting ready for a flower delivery

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