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Dynamic duo teams up in San Pedro

Many San Pedro folks have been have been missing her culinary talent myself included. I was jumping for joy when I got the message Wednesday that Dulce was back in action and teamed up with Chap to do home cooked lunches on Thursdays.

How could I resist homemade chicken dumplings cooked by the dynamic duo and delivered right to my door for $10 pus $2 delivery? I couldn’t, so I put an order in asap and bumped it up to two yesterday when Christian dropped by for a visit.

Dulce texted me when delivery was on it’s way. Sure enough Orvin, our dumpling delivery guy, was riding his bike down our street within a few minutes and he did not spill a drop. They had packed our food very well and used tape on the lids.

Christian and I both agreed it was a great meal for the price and it had that made with love, comfort food aura about it. We both gobbled it up while watching Sex and the City. I love that they often have mid-day marathons of that show on channel 83 and the fact that today I got to enjoy it with a friend and Dulce and Chaps cooking made it even better  🙂

They are currently doing one dish a week and taking orders for delivery or pick up – price varies but always reasonable. The food is a mix of grandma’s kitchen including fried chicken, meatloaf and chicken fried steak and local fare with fish, flautas and tacos.

To get on the weekly specials notification list for fresh delicious food at a great price, text or call Dulce Wolfe 663-9615 or Chap 601-0420

dulce wolfe deny's truckstop
Orvin delivering our lunch
cooks dulce wolfe and chap ross san pedro town
Yummy home cooked lunch served right to our front door
cooks dulce wolfe and chap ross san pedro belize
Chicken dumplings cooked by Dulce Wolfe and Chap Ross


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