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Always Different Belize Independence

Every time I have experienced the Belize Independence day parade it has been unique in many ways and this year was no exception. For starters among our regular crowd, there is far less ongoing partying involved since the days when we first turned up almost 9 years ago. Secondly many of us are happy to be more on the sidelines then right in the thick of things or marching behind a truck. I have watched it many different ways – up high, down low, followed from behind or dashed around to catch the front again. No matter where I was watching from and with who, it has always been a super fun time.

This year We started out meeting up at Caye Casa then headed to Wayo’s beach bar to catch everyone getting ready. After beach time, we did a split and most of the group headed off to Caprice at the Holiday hotel to be on the parade route and enjoy a cocktail. Paul and I opted to go meet Leisa at Lola’s pub for sliders, football and a sideline view of the parade. It was not long before we got gridlocked by the parade and had to park on a back road by the lumberyard in town and make our way on foot.

Sadly the parade did not seem as big as last year, we are still unsure if that is due to half the people turning off a few streets early to loop back around middle street or not. My favorite costume was Sherlette (sp?) she made a wonderful smiling purple octopus, I am glad we caught her going by.

We would go out on the street when we heard noise and when there was a lull in the parade we went back to football. They had agreed on watching the San Diego Arizona game, I was just there for the company and the food. Both Paul and I had pulled pork sliders which comes with sides of spicy slaw and mac & cheese. Leisa ordered their tacos and opted for regular slaw with hers, I would do that next time as the spicy one was a bit to hot for my taste.

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