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Driving to Tikal or are we?

Phil and Marie were waiting for us at Municipal airport and so was our ride to Budget car rental. It was a short ride 10 min or less, very close to Benny’s Hardware.  We ended up with a big @ss Ranger truck and a white Jmny, cost was $135 usd per vehicle for a 24h rental. The staff there were all very nice and helpful. Of course our first stop was Broadies supermarket, as if we did not have enough food already. We all got excited at the deli counter, samosas and conch fritters were 2 popular items among our crew. Unfortunately the conch fritters were on the greasy side 🙁

Tacoboy was still clueless as to where we were going. It was not the nicest thing to do but I decided to completely throw him off track, after learning that Pedro had been acting like an spoiled 5 year old who can’t keep a secret and spilled the beans to Paul about where his party was. I told him that what Pedro said was Andy’s cover up when he kept asking  where the party was, started name dropping Tikal and was in total agreement when Tacoboy said that is why we did not buy beer at Broadies because we will soon be drinking Guatemalan Beer.

My travel trivia question to you is: Based on what I wrote above, how could Tacoboy have figured out that we were not driving to Tikal? See answer below.

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belize guatemala
Driving to Tikal or are we?

Answer: If we were going to Tikal we would not have rented vehicles from Budget rent a car. There is only one rental car company that will allow its cars to drive from Belize to Guatemala; Crystal car rental and we would have been completely uninsured. I have seen contrary info about that on the net, but it was not worth the risk without knowing for sure, especially with a baby on board.

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  1. tacogirl says:

    You will find out tomorrow mysteryboy 🙂 I was lucky enough to work around all the Belize Internet craziness and get a few pics up, when I started out at 6:00am I was not getting anywhere. Thankfully tacoboy suggested a fix for me and it worked.

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