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Dreams Do Come True

I thought it was a perfect time to finish this cheap flights to Belize post with it being Easter (busiest weekend of the year) and it sounds like zillions of planes flying overhead as people continue to arrive and celebrate Easter in San Pedro. 

It’s a great pleasure that comes from getting a good travel deal, much like scoring a really good parking spot only way better. For many, flight deals are far off dreams and fictitious myth, today I will show you proof they are a reality. This post highlights 5 different people’s killer deals on flights to Belize from February 18th – April 4th. Let the real life stories of their prize winning flight discounts fill you with hope for finding a fabulous flight deal of your own.

An Informative Text Message

Crazy low airfare to Belize and from Belize in June, July, August, September, October and November. Boston, Cleveland and Billings Montana, for example, all under $400. Check United Website.

This first one is one of those jackpot seat sales that happens so fast if you blink, you’ll miss it. Also, very rare that cheap flights from Belize are up for offer. From the time that text came in at 2:42 pm Saturday afternoon (was at Caye Supplies Easter shopping for Tinker) till I got home around dinner was all it took to disappear without a trace.  BZE – LAS, BZE – LIT and BIL – BZE were all booked with this deal by a person who texted. This story has crossed from dream to reality.

cheap flights from belize
Cheap flights from Belize are a rare and wonderful thing

R K opted for a cheap flight to Mexico and Tropic Air from Cancun to Belize

R K from Connecticut was $320. Almost laughable…  I hope never to use the return, but with SW, you can change and or bank the travel funds at anytime. That, and free checked bags? Can’t beat it.

R K came to me to request the current tacogirl coupon code for his Mexico to Belize flight discount, and got to telling me about his cheap flight from Connecticut to Cancun.

cheap flights to belize
R K ready to trade in his tie for Belize

Richelle Quirk scored record savings and a great start to a happy family vacation

Dear tacogirl,

Thank you so much for posting the airfare sale for flights to Belize on your Facebook feed. I was able to book 5 round trip tickets from Minneapolis to Belize April 18-25 on American Airlines for less than $330 each. I have been going to Belize every year for the past 10 years and have never paid less than $700. I thought I would be stuck in Minneapolis this year to endure the cold winter because airfare has been so expensive — that is until I saw your Facebook post. I checked out the sale on and sure enough, I was able to get tickets in April for an amazing price. We are now able to take our annual family vacation and simply cannot wait to thaw out on the beautiful, sunny, and warm beaches of Belize. We have timeshare at Captain Morgan’s. I was so happy to find this deal. It saved me thousands!!


Never give up hope on a seat sale and always keep watching for deals, like the American Airlines one Richelle got from Facebook page. Her total price for a family of 5 is fantastic and so is the fact that the Quirks do not have to pass on their annual family vacation in Belize like they thought they were going to.

flights to Belize
Great price for a family of 5 by Richelle Quirk

Kelsey Lorence and her husband scored cheap flights and useful information on Belize Blogs

My husband and I found inexpensive airfare from the US and booked it. Neither of us knew anything about Belize and we’ve never been to Central America. Your site and a couple of others have been super helpful as we try to learn as much as we can and get ready for our trip!

American had a random sale. It ended up being $400/person from Pittsburgh. I work for American so there was an additional discount on top of that. We had talked about taking an international trip this year and after about five minutes of Googling I was amazed that Belize even existed. We’ll be there at the end of next month. We’re spending three days in the Cayo District and three days in San Pedro.

I’ve already decided that we’re going to need to come back because Placencia sounds wonderful!

Thank you!

Since it is on your radar Kelsey, here are a few Placencia pictures to entice you back to Belize before you get here  🙂

Christy Pottier Pope’s response to cheap flight from Minneapolis to Belize City

No flipping way!!!!

You could be saying the line above to your friends by getting cheap flights to belize email notifications like Christy did – it works.

cheap flights to belize
trip advisor flight deal from Minneapolis to Belize by Christy Pottier Pope

I will leave you with a few Easter weekend pics. From the little I saw of it (opted not to join the party train except pre-party for Lola’s birthday), Easter was pretty packed this year. Though I did hear that flights were not quite as busy this year, one persons speculation was more Central American travel and he thought they would be more apt to take the water taxi. Two other businesses I spoke to reported they were slamming busy as always for this holiday. I also heard from a couple of people that I did not miss anything by opting out of the Easter party scene this year 🙂

cheap flights to belize
Easter weekend fun in the Caribbean Sea
belize beach
Luggage line on the beach
flights to belize
More Easter weekend arrivals
belize beach
Busy at the beach by Shirlee Arnould
belize beach
Friends walking the beach by Shirlee Arnould
belize beach
Carts parked and people enjoying the beach and beautiful weather at the beach by Ashty Dennison
belize beach
Sand Bar was one of the popular weekend parties with their famous pig roast
cheap flights to belize
DJ Hoy by Kendall Beymer
flights to belize
Finishing off Easter at another Happening Holiday Hotel Party by Kendall Beymer

2 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True

  1. Jenny Cakelee says:

    Make that #6 for super cheap air! We also jumped on the United flight sale Saturday afternoon. Was around $370 out of our local regional airport and also out of STL. We starting texting folks who had mentioned going, and one friend started looking right away. Unfortunately, the sale didn’t include or was already gone for Chicago, so they are driving here to come down with us. The other folks who had to think about it (really-what’s to think about???) lost out because they were gone within a few hours. We haven’t been down in almost 3 years because flights have been running $800+, so these half price flights came at just the right time! See you in July!

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