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Errand day

Today was an errand day running around paying bills and dropping off One Caribbean Weather Hurricane tracking maps to Quicksilver Messenger Dianne and a couple businesses around town. It is a good thing that Joey brought some for us to hand out as the bank did not print any this year. You can go to One Caribbean Weather website and download the official One Caribbean Weather tracker – just look top right on their website.

Water bill was $47.43 bzd this month not bad. Also got cable paid – it costs us $40 bzd monthly for cable and we get about 106 channels. The trouble with some bills here is that not everyone sends you one [like coral cable] so you have to be on top of paying it or else you will get cut off. Seeing the guys out the window with their ladder today was my reminder to get in there and shoot them a few bucks – welcome to life in the tropics.

Downtown San Pedro

Downtown San Pedro

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