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Donations for Haiti

Responding to the urgent needs in Haiti, the students and staff of Holy Cross Anglican School have been working hard to raise money.  On Friday, January 22, two fund raisers were held at the school.  The first, a Rags Day, raised $512.05BZ.  Later that same day a Cheap Sale of donated items generated $155.00BZ.  On Sunday at the Family Worship Service, the offering of $199.80BZ was also earmarked for Earthquake Relief.  In total, Holy Cross will be donating $866.85BZto the nation of Haiti.

Rags day raised $512.05 bzd

Teaching kids to help those on need

Helping hands


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  2. I’d like to put a pic up on here so I don’t look like a no face LOL! Do you know how I would do that?

  3. I agree it is great that the kids are learning that their are people who are needier than they are and also have the understanding of what it feels like to be helped so they can go onto help others as well.

  4. I am proud of those kids, it is amazing those children who are also in need, are still helping others in need! God is Good!

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