San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Sunrise – Sunset

Started my morning with a gorgeous sunrise and got some work done before Heather Taylor and I headed to meet Erin and Liam for breakfast at Caye Coffee got a caye egger and hash browns. Lara and Jen joined us after so Jen could cart pool up to the school with us. She wanted to learn more about the idea of volunteering and specifically what she could do when she got back to the states in order to help on this end.

Erin wanted Liam to see San Mateo so he could see things in a different light and understand why it is important to be grateful appreciate what he has. It was also good for him to see where and his best friend Little Erin is going to school since she is here for 2 months and him only 2 weeks.

Afterward we went back to Exotic Caye or base as big Erin calls it and enjoyed the view. So handy that everything is close at hand – we did not have to go far for food or the beach or one of Robbie’s tasty panty rippas.

Heather and Taylor leave tomorrow afternoon. Heather keeps cracking us up saying how the mosquitoes are so bad and good riddance she will be glad to be free of them. Meanwhile we know she does not want to leave and is feeling totally pulled to being here and helping at the school.

The kids ended up in the pool and Heather and Erin went for a float in the ocean while I took pics on the dock – caught an amazing sunset and then a ride home with Jo.

Shout out to Scott from Liam and Erin.

San Pedro Weather – a bit chilly at night. A++ day for sky watching from sunrise to sunset.

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