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Living in Belize

Stag and Doe Poker run


Destination Wedding Belize Party has officially begun. I just finished doing the loot bags for the stag and doe poker run tonight. 6pm start at Roadkill – it is going to be one fun party.

Erin and Rudy are taking the 4:40pm Tropic Air flight. We will have just enough time to meet them at the airport drop them off at Caribbean Villas to check in and head to Roadkill Bar.

Listening to Videos on MTV and Reef Radio tv while I get things ready. Hoping we can borrow a cart from Pedro later when we meet Erin and Rudy. That will make it easy for us to drop the presents off to their room at Caribbean Villas before we meet them at Tropic.

Back later

Everyone loved Erin’s giant pink sunglasses – Ronaldo took the $1000 pot tonight he was quite pleased. Stag and Doe Poker run  Bar line up was – Roadkill – El Divino at Banana Beach Resort – Wayos – Playa Chel and finishing up at Pedro’s sports bar.


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  1. Alan Slater January 24, 2011

    One of these bright days, I will make it to one of your ,
    ” walkabouts,” They always look so much fun, Keep up the good work, as I follow your blog daily.
    Alan ( Slater )

  2. tacogirl January 24, 2011

    Too funny Dan’s answer. I was pretty tired by the end of the night so everyone was looking fine to me ha ha.

  3. Cath January 24, 2011

    Not a problem in any way Laurie. I showed the picture to Dan and he told me that’s exactly how I looked that night…LOL

  4. tacogirl January 23, 2011

    I must have missed demented pic if it is something you want gone holler. Was super fun.

  5. Cath January 23, 2011

    Even though I look totally demented in one of these pictures, we could not possibly have had more fun! Thanks again for the invite! Hugs!


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