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Central Park was Dark and Santa’s Afternoon Nap

Last Sunday night was a sure sign it’s December in San Pedro Belize – with our annual tree lighting festivities. In an effort to keep crowds low, the San Pedro Town Council was encouraging people to watch the live ceremony via the Town Council FB page/


Knowing she was looking for a Christmas event, I had made a last-minute plan to go with my friend Rosemary. We decided to meet at the clock tower and agreed to enjoy the event from the outer edges of the park. Although the park was dark, large words of Love, Joy, and Hope sparkled their inspiring messages. For the blue-shirted boy below, Love came in the form of a spontaneous glitter jungle gym.


A joyful speech was given by Mayor Wally, and he highlighted the road work being done in a few areas of the island. They are doing a great job – our vehicular and pedestrian infrastructure is a very challenging situation.

One of my volunteers Bill and I recently had a second meeting with Mayor Wally to present our north road assessment done on behalf of RRR. We documented the 3 mile or so stretch from the bridge to Cocoa Beach and Wyndham Grand area and graded everything on a 0-5 scale. (We have also done South, as well, and that assessment is in process.)

Our original focus was speed bumps, but we also included road hazards and recommendations for safety. One of Bill’s ideas that got noted, was to add a 3 mile stretch of sidewalk. We all agreed plans should include crosswalk style speed bumps anytime the walking path needs to change sides. Not only will this be a great addition to island safety, but it will also create a heart-healthy walking and jogging path with long stretches of beautiful greenery in north Ambergris Caye.

RRR’s first responder Billy Leslie was supposed to join us for the meeting but was unable to attend due to his attention being focused on a medical emergency. He agrees sidewalks are a much-needed safety measure.

Our next steps are to work out feasibility, what sides of the road the sidewalk should go on, and what materials will be used to build them. Thanks to Crystal, one of the Reef Adventures Dive shop partners, I started that, by videoing the drive in both directions. This way it’s easier to study. I will record a second video with commentary by Billy (RRR) and my friend Rosemary who occasionally helps me assess our island roads. My part of this effort is all being done under my Hand Up Program. I am helping RRR Response to tackle things they do not have time for because they have been sponsored for one year by Victoria House Resort.


Since we did not want to be upfront in the crowd, I enjoyed capturing people filming the San Pedro Dance Company Christmas Holiday show.


Rosemary did not stay long, however, because I was close to home, I enjoyed the second group of dancers.


I had already planned to get dinner on my way home. Mrs. Estela’s end stall by the church does a great $5 beef burrito with pico de gallo. So far she is my favorite street food burrito in San Pedro Town core. (I have tried 4 others.)

street food in belize

When I asked if I could come around to take a picture, Estela impulsively added cheese on top. There is usually more tomato in the pico, but I happened to catch the end of the container. Another great thing is once they get to know you, they remember what you like or don’t like. In my case, it is no hot sauce on my street meat – gracias, and sometimes I ask for shredded lettuce.

beef burrito central park San Pedro

Not wanting to leave you in the dark, I decided to add a picture of a sleepy Santa taking an afternoon nap and his amazing view.

above lily's treasure chest beachfront restaurant

As you can see from the picture below, our December weather in San Pedro is almost perfect. I say almost, as we have still been experiencing the odd rain shower and I had to close the top half of my 3 louvered glass bedroom windows last night as the wind was too strong.

Temperature-wise it has been very merry. On the day of the tree ceremony (Sunday, Dec 5th), we had highs of 85° F / C 30° C and evening lows of 76° F / 24° C. It was a warm sunny day ending with a pleasant evening, but not cool enough to need a sweater.

Another benefit to winter in the tropics – boats on beach walks. I love the luxurious look of some of the boats along my way. My appreciation for stylishly designed transportation stems from going to vintage car shows and sailing as a kid.

I feel extremely lucky to be enjoying a great view and tropical winter sun. Santa is also lucky to be enjoying this colorful Caribbean sea in his beachfront edge-of-town neighborhood while he takes his afternoon siesta.

As for Santa’s nap day yesterday, Dec 11th, and today Dec 12th we also had some beautiful weather with highs of 87° F or 31° C on the 11th and 84° F or 29° C on the 12th. Thankfully the lows were not that low…. 24° C or 76° F for both days.

Perfect temperatures to inspire you towards booking your Belize vacation.

caribbean sea and boats

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