RRR (Triple R) is Ambergris Caye’s 24/7 Emergency Response Team. In addition to both land and water response, this non-profit organization is also building our island capacity and safety. Thanks to a one-year sponsorship in my Hand Up Program, (see resort sponsor below,) RRR and I have been working together. We are in the process of identifying and documenting areas of vulnerability on the island that need to be addressed such as our speed bumps, ropes, and road dips. All of which are currently deadly hazards. We have also been brainstorming increased public awareness of issues and concerns leading to fatal accidents.

RRR also stepped up for Ambergris Caye by taking on extra duties during the height of our 2020 countrywide lockdown due to the pandemic. Triple R voluntarily transported people with Covid to the designated island flu clinic or helped them to get to a hospital in extreme cases.

Unfortunately, this inspired volunteer-based emergency response team effort was born from tragedy. Triple R was developed in Houston Texas to honor Rickilee Mercer whose life taken by a tragic jet ski accident. RRR started out as a volunteer-based emergency water rescue team and transitioned to being first responders by land too.

(The organization used to be called Rickilee Response and Rescue but has decided to go by RRR or Triple R.)

RRR was sponsored for one year by Victoria House. This resort has always been guest safety-minded and has sent a large number of its staff to first aid training courses when they are being offered on Ambergris Caye. The resort also has a great relationship with Bandage International, a group of emergency medicine professionals who teach high-quality first aid to countries with challenged medical systems or in our case lack of a hospital on the island. They have done a few in-depth First Aid courses (with consideration to our environment) and specialized AED training at Victoria House.

Over the years, Victoria House Resort has also been a crowd favorite winning numerous awards and has lots of great press.

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Amenities include an onsite restaurant, a separate bar, gym, and full-service spa, hammocks, and a big stretch of beach. You can opt for a variety of Intimate and Luxurious Accommodations: thatched-roof casita, a palmetto room, suite, or a stateroom. For those traveling with an entourage, a villa with two to five bedrooms would suit you perfectly. If you would like to know more about Victoria House please feel free to email me at tacogirlbelize@gmail.com

Aerial resort picture courtesy of Victoria House