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Party at DandE’s

Carole and I were on the coconut phone yesterday afternoon and agreed we should go for DandE’s later on. I decided to text and facebook it to see who we could get to come join us for a spur of the moment ice cream frozen custard party.

Always  a good time hanging out at Dan and Eileen’s shop – even some of the local dogs know if they come by they will get a doggy treat too.

DandE's frozen custard Belize

DandE's frozen custard Belize


  1. Great to hear from you Jack. We are about to head off to Estel’s to have some breaky and play backgammon – wish you were here to join us.

  2. Sunday morning in San Diego…it’s a pleasure to catch up with my favorite Knuckleheads having a Seinfield trip to the Ice Cream store. Life is filled with simple pleasures.

  3. I meant to send it Shannon was counting you and Jana there in spirit – sent to ct dcg and sj as well cause I happen to have them in the text loop.

    Miss you too Maureen hope you and T come back soon.

    I guess you missed seeing my facebook post Gwen hopefully you will catch it next time.

  4. Yeah! I love DandE’s! I got your text (although not sure you meant to send it to me) and appreciate the invite! I wish I could have made it! 😛


  5. YUM – we had fun going there with you and super yum ice creamy custard! Miss you guys!

  6. Must not be on the right list. I was even thinking about ice cream yesterday afternoon. Count me in next time

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