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Fringe Benefits of Social Media


I recently received a very cool surprise package in the mail from Mel Crook. It all came about as a result of business social media request from Mel via linked into Google Friend Connect with his custom license plate company in Florida. I have not really investigated Google +1 / Google friend connect yet but knew it would be easy enough to join because I have a Gmail. So I did and Mel wrote back thanking me – asked for my address and said to watch my mail.

One day I got a call from Dianne saying that she and Sue were doing quicksilver business at BC’s and she had a package for me that would not fit in my mailbox. Paul happened to be in town so he went by to pick it up. My surprise from Mel was a custom tacogirl Belize dive license plate. Thanks so much, Mel I love it.

If you want to create your own Custom License Plate visit Mel’s site. You can also find them as autotags on twitter.

tacogirl Belize custom license plate

Auto Tags International, Promotional License Plates

Custom License Plates

It is super hot today will be nice to cool off with some beach time later this aft. Been alternating between cleaning – chatting Jo on the coconut phone – doing laundry – and watching Project Runway.

Here are a few more of my Belize City travel pictures. The walk across the footbridge to Save U is a nice scenic route and fairly close to Municipal Airport – I plan to shop there more often. I really enjoyed my visual size up for a few hours and it was a good reminder to go to the mainland more often.

Belize City foot bridge

foot bridge to Save U Belize City

Turning circle Belize City

Turning circle Belize City

Belize City Bridge

Walking on the footbridge

Save U Belize City Grocery Store

Save u grocery store Belize City

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