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Living in Belize

Belize Radio Stations


I have added a new link to the right hand side – Belize Radio Stations. Now all you Belize fans can easily listen to Local Belize Radio stations on tunein.  Music – news and some very funny jingles. Current streams available from from Ladyville – Cayo – Belmopan and Belize City. tunein Belize Radio Stations is free and easy to use – one click of the orange button beside the station you want to check out and you should be good to go.

There is also a Central American option which includes radio stations in Belize – Costa Rica – El Salvador – Guatemala Honduras – Nicaragua and Panama. tunein Central America Radio Stations -  great way to practice hearing in Spanish.

I have been listening to tunein for a long time – it started a few years back when I found Coast to Coast AM – all stations and times page. The site morphed from Radiotime – simplified and made it easy to find all kinds of cool radio stations.

view from San Pedro Belize Express Belize City Water Taxi terminal

Belize City Water Taxi terminal view

Boat in Belize

Boats in Belize City Harbor

Belize City water taxi view

Belize City Harbor View

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  1. tacogirl July 24, 2011

    You got the message lol sometimes being more ladylike when posting in general is a good thing. I stand firm in saying there is a lot of entertainment value on Belize radio. If we all had the same taste life would be boring.

  2. al salter July 24, 2011

    Laurie that was not real lady like. Allow me to be more specific. Good music is a matter of taste. However there are many with poor taste. Classical and hard rock/heavy metal is top of the line. Metallica rules, so does Bach. At the bottom would be rap or C&W unless its good ole’ stuff like Hank Williams. Thats leaves everything else in between. Hope this helps. Most of the stations in Belize apart from Love FM play crap. You owe it to your readers to spare them pain. Best wishes….AS

  3. tacogirl July 23, 2011

    Belize City is an architecturally interesting harbor view. Boats are fun OP.

  4. tacogirl July 23, 2011

    That was a loud belch Al lol.

  5. al salter July 23, 2011

    In Belize there is only Love FM. Radio Bahia is entertaining in the am when you can hear Raffi; ” when you wake up in the morning and its a quarter to five and you just can’t seem to come alive, you brush your teeth.,..”. Listening to Reggatone from Managua is worse than waterboarding for easy listening. There is only 2 kinds of music :heavy metal and Mozart, everything else is crap.

  6. offset printing July 23, 2011

    The Harbor is very clean, I wish I have my own boat so I can just travel around the sea. I have been listening to tunein too, but not that much.


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