San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Coral Gardens

Today we are sailing to Coral Gardens on the Tradewinds boat to snorkel and do a bbq lunch I can’t wait. We have to be at the BYC dock for 9 am. I am waiting for the store to open so I can pick up a few extra things to fill our cooler.

We had the best time on the boat words cannot describe. It was a perfect day with great company delicious food and so much more. Snorkeling was fantastic, I saw some really cool fish and colored coral, everyone enjoyed swimming and lounging. Could not ask for a better Sunday. We took the beach home and ran into a bunch Diane, Lara and Cindy at BC’s so we decided to hang out for a bit and listen to the band.

I would highly recommend tradewinds

Boat was fabulous

So big

Raising the Sail

Noodles were a big hit

Zippy goes for a swim – great day for snorkeling

Fun filled Sunday

Out door eating area

Interior of the boat

Breakfast nook

Inside the boat

Making lunch

Water was georgeous

Sunday boat ride

Jamie doing a jump

Reinaldo diving off top of the boat

Making a call

Hanging out

Peaceful boat ride

Will jumping off the boat

Will swimming

Lobster fishermen

Getting lunch

Lunch time

Jamie and Will

Lazy Sunday

So much delicious food

Cindy and Renita

Front row seat

Fishing boat

Nap time on the way home

Warrior girl and her sidekick aquaboy

BC’s on the way home

7 thoughts on “Coral Gardens

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks AmandaPanda. Unfortunately I am behind on the school blog as mine is just so much work. I really need a personal assistant ha ha. We can definitely meet up in January.

  2. AmandaPanda says:

    This looks like an amazing life you have, you inspire me to live the life of my dreams! I admire all the work that you do for the school and children and it seems that you are a very good friend to many and they are I am sure, so grateful to have you in their lives! When I come there In January I hope to be able to meet you! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    when i come for a visit i will make sure that Brady and Jane are my new best friends 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is a great life!! We all work very hard at our jobs/business, etc. But when there is an opportunity to sail/snorkel/BBQ, we make the time to spend the day with good friends and new friends. It was the generosity of Brady and Jane who afforded us this day out. So thanks Brady & Jane & of course Tradewinds. Renita & Cindy

  5. william64 says:

    Some people have such a HARD Life,
    don’t know how you can handle it, all that stress. Wonderin’ where your next lobster is coming from . . . .

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