San Pedro Belize beach pictures


I went to drop off some cd’s tonight to friends at Belize Yacht Club and Changes in Latitudes and got a nice walk on the beach along the way. After visiting everyone I decided to take the road home because it was dark out and it is important to be smart when walking alone at night.

As I walked along the sand sidewalk, I got to thinking more about Tai Chi and how what we are learning in relation to self defense and I noticed I was standing taller. I thought about how I was still a bit green when I was showing Renita one of the moves we learned to throw someone off balance and break their arm. She did say she felt it when I was doing it and could imagine how doing that full force would really hurt someone.

I decided to do a bit of practice on the way home, so I started turning my head slowly from side to side like we do in class to see how far behind me I could see. I was also checking my shadow to see which way it was cast during different parts of my walk home.

I am glad to have moments like this and happy that learning Tai Chi with Zac is generating more awareness.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You have increased my awareness, with your daily blogs. Love the places you visit and highlight, they too are some of my special spots.
    Thanks for your time, and sharing the AWARENESS.

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