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Cooking up a surprise

I have been tweeting about cooking up a surprise for this Follow Friday and I figured it was time to share with tacogirl readers and pass on the same hints I have given so far by request of  @RumShopRyan.

Mondays hint – Starting to experience winters chill? It will keep u warm. Already in the tropics it will inspire / relax you.
Tuesdays hint for Follow Friday giveaway – there will be 7 and they are colorful.
Today’s  hint – This Follow Friday I will be sharing the sun with everyone on tacogirl.com.

Stay tuned for more off to eat my stewed chicken from San Marcos Deli – tasty.

Putting the word out there on behalf of Cindy (y)our favorite Bartender…
Hello everyone, Molly and I are going to be doing this – We already have a few sponsors but we’re asking you if you’re not doing the run/walk (stagger in my case) yourself, would you please sponsor us?
I will write down your pledge on my sheet and collect after Sunday’s event.

Thanks loads

Lunch was great just trying to get a few more things done before Dick comes over for a visit.

Daily San Pedro Weather – Warm sunny – don’t forget your bug spray skeeters are out today.

Riding around with Dick

Heading South

White picket fence


  1. Hey Now I resemble that!

  2. You are so close klcman – keep guessing.

  3. I know I know………… CBT’s furlined Speedo’s – one for every day of the week

  4. Good guess RumShopRyan – keep trying.

  5. I love guessing! I think it might be a awesome island drink recipe. But then again, I’m not very good at guessing. Looking forward to Friday!
    Cheers to the Salt Life.

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