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Coffee tasting

Tammy invited Mitch and I for coffee tasting today – little did we know she was going to get us drunk on coffee by serving us everything on the menu. For all you Canadians out there the cold frappucino tastes like iced caps from Timmy’s. Lobster tacos were yum.

Cindy came to see us and we decided to hope on her cart for errands and pick our bikes back up on the way out of town.

Which reminds me I copied from Cindy’s facebook – see below what Molly was diagnosed with after getting x-rays if anyone has any experience with this particular pet issue please comment and share.The plan so far is to put her on bed rest and not have her bounding around chasing coconuts for a bit to see if there is a change.

Cindy quote Laurie the vet: “Molly has a grade 2 medial patella luxation as well as suspicion of a partial cruciate ligament tear of her right rear leg based on her lameness and x-ray results. If surgery is performed it would be ideal to have the patella (knee cap) problem repaired, and at the same time explore the joint and potentially repair the cruciate ligament at the same time.”

coffee tasting at Hummingbird Cafe

9 thoughts on “Coffee tasting

  1. Noturus says:

    Hi. Sorry to hear about Molly’s knee problems. I hope she will get better soon. I am sorry I have no advice to offer. But I have two new lab pups and I understand that they sometimes have these issues as well. Good luck to you and Molly.

  2. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for info Amy. Emu oil sounds good – I will check that website. Paul and I have been doing Reiki on her leg – had success with Basil the cat on that in the past and Molly seems to like it.

  3. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for the replay Marc. While Cindy was able to get Molly an x-ray on the island by Laurie the vet, the operation here is a no go so for now rest is the main thing we can do for her. Definitely be in touch if you want to hook up. glad you enjoy tacogirl.

  4. Amy says:

    Tacogirl……we have had great success with my basset and hip issues(cleans his ears out well too) with emu oil….I am a massage therapist and found it worked for my aches and pains among other things. Check out and you can see uses as well as pics of vet uses(if they are still on the site). It’s safe if molly licks it and can be applied often. Works for burns…cuts and so on. Great stuff. Hope this helps.

  5. Marc and Jane says:


    I am a vet in the states. Most of the comments I have read are correct. I don’t know if they can perform the ACL/patellar repair at SAGA. If Molly is not too big and the ACL tear doesn’t involve torn cartilage the joint may tighten down on its own and Molly will just have some more arthritis down the road than she would have if she had surgery. Definitely have them rest that leg. If no surgery is going to be done then give the leg a good 6 weeks rest. Jane and I are coming to San pedro again on the 11th. Maybe we’ll meet. I read your blog all the time.

  6. william says:

    The problem with this type of dog injury is there is no one on the island or for that matter on the mainland that can properly diagnose and perform surgery. Our dog had an ACL tear and we had to take her back to the States for treatment. Tears to the ACL will not heal themselves. Give her time off the leg and see what happens, good luck.

  7. Mary Ellen says:


    If you look up the diagnosis on the net for humans-it is the same for dogs. The knee cap is loose and unstable and the ligaments are stretched. Our dog had this as well-excessive running and sudden stopping caused it ( he liked to chase a frisbie). We had the dog have surgery and all was well after.
    Hope this helps.

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