San Pedro Belize beach pictures

First timers

This afternoon we are being invaded by an 18 year old this afternoon for 1 week – Jo’s daughter Sandra. Not seen her in 3.5 years so it will be fun – I suspect she will probably come to the conclusion we are boring old farts pretty quick. Mitch’s friend arrives this morning – both are first timers to the island and Sandra has only been to Italy on a school trip so this is a first time for her traveling alone to a different country.

Hummingbird lunch special today – Linguine with marinara sauce. Served with salad and garlic bread. 10.00 BZ

More to come I am off to the pool with Mitch.

Count down is on it is 2:29 pm Sandra lands in under 2 h. Molly seems to be getting bored of house rest already – we will have to get creative to shomehow ease her into it better. I can well imagine she has a hankering for a coconut and the beach.

Just met Mitch’s friend Jill they are enjoying the pool.  Paul was able to borrow a cart from Pedro and we will all ride to pick Sandra up.

Molly was glad to get out for a cart ride since her walkies are very short these days. Sandra made it safe and sound.

Almost forgot I heard from Michelle at the pool today that the reason for some of the recent issues with BTL is because they are upgrading to a bigger satellite – not officially confirmed that but it does make sense.

Driving to get Sandra

Heading to the airport

Tropic Air Cessna Caravan San Pedro Belize

Tropic Air Cessna Caravan Belize

Old Tropic Air building has been moved

Tropic Air Cargo San Pedro Belize

It’s down by the hanger

Sandra in green hoddie

Sandra’s plane

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