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Wrong number

Since losing my phone, I do not always recognize who is on the other end of the number showing on my screen. I  had a funny text conversation Sunday morning that went like this:

Unknown person: What’s up?
Me: Not much you? [hoping reply I get will help me figure out who this is] Unknown person: Hey sorry but who u?
Me: The girl you just texted
Unknown person:  Is dis e—–?
Me: Wrong number
Unknown person: Well pls tell me your name I am r—-!
Me: could have had some fun on this one but decided not to answer


3 thoughts on “Wrong number

  1. al salter says:

    Looks like a major Hurricane now. Should miss most of Belize except the northern tip and Ambergris which makes sense theologically:)

  2. Remo says:

    I was planning to go to Playa del Carmen on November 10 -19 but looks like a Category 3 hurricane might make landfall west of Playa del Carmen?

    Last year I was in PDC and missed the hurricane that hit Belize. This year I was suppose to be in PDC this week but due to circumstances I had to postpone my trip to November 10th.

    Weird eh?

    I pray it misses the Yucatan Peninsula altogether.

  3. al salter says:

    you see this road? there is a tropical storm coming and soon it will be covered by whale shark sized puddles. As for the call it was Richard with the National Hurricane Center.

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