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Why do you think this baby Yucatan parrot is smiling?

birds of belize

I find today’s guest post from Coleen Creeden very timely, as I have been working with Saga and Facebook friends to help complete the San Pedro Belize Red Cross master emergency contact list by including more animal emergency resources. Thankfully Coleen and Rick are very environmentally friendly,  well informed animal lovers. They knew what to look for and who to ... Read More »

Treasure Hunting in Belize and a Trip to the Office


If you live here or plan to move here then consider this: Unless you leave often or have a herd of mules coming in, you will need to buy clothing at some point. While we do have a few new clothing stores in San Pedro, I know  several people who will agree that the second hand shops win hands down ... Read More »

Ocean Rescue Swimmer Course Placencia Belize

placencia belize

Fire Management Consultant and Robert’s Grove Resort Placencia Belize 2015 Ocean Rescue Swimmer Course This course will cover basic water rescue skills needed for Surface Water Rescue and Surf Rescue requirements. Class will include information on the aquatic environment, a thorough explanation of the drowning process, how to perform a rescue in the open water environment, use of basic rescue ... Read More »

Thankfully there was no tipsy taco

belize adventure tours

Belize adventure tours – Stand Up Paddleboarding For those of you that have not done it but are interested and want to know more, think of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) as a cross between kayaking and surfing, minus the big waves, plus a paddle. Many people are daunted by this sport and should not be because anyone can do it. ... Read More »

The Story of the Golden Years Project and Zaman’s perspective

belize people

Right from the get go expat photographer Karen Brodie immersed herself in photographing Belize culture. Over the course of her time here she has become very popular, having taken many many pictures of all things Belize. Recently a large number town folk turned up to see Karen Brodie photography opening of The Golden Years Project at the San Pedro House ... Read More »

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