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First Cat ride of 2010

What a great dayOne of the things I like about starting a new year is all the ‘firsts’. Today we enjoyed our first boat ride of the new year. Jewels from Legends Burger House asked me to help her set up a catamaran day trip for Jan 4th – so I booked Searious Adventures cat that holds 20 people. At the New Years party she said we need a bigger boat to many people want to come.

That was a tricky one as we were on short notice to find another catamaran and had to do it systematically so we would not waste peoples time. I told Jewels just keep getting people for the boat and I knew we would somehow find someone who could take us. It came right down to the wire – less than 24 and I was able to book the Lady Leslie this morning. Next we had to make sure we had enough people as we told both boats we would have 20 people on each.

We also had another small issue Searious Dock is in town and Lady Leslie docks at Belize Legacy Dock one North of Wet Willy’s. I told Lady Leslie we would be there to board from 8:15am – 8:30am and Searious that we would board from 8:30am – 8:45 am and Jewels came up with the idea to start telling everyone to meet at 7:45 am at Sail Away Cafe. That way we can check everyone in and split people up to go to the 2 different docks.

I hope it warms up some it feels a bit cool and breezy this morning. We did have a good sign though Paul noticed a big rainbow over the lagoon when he was out on the veranda this morning and the sunrise was looking nice – hopefully it holds it’s own against the clouds.

As if we do not have a full enough day – Joanne gets in today with her younger daughter Erin for their 2 months stay. They should be arriving on Maya Island Air and heading to Chez Caribe at the same time we are docking from our Caye Caulker trip.

9:46pm just got in will add to what I wrote this morning tomorrow and add more pics. Got at least 350 to sort through on my reg camera and a bunch on the underwater one – all I can think of right now is shower and sheets.

Everyone was relatively on time at Sail Away Cafe to check in – unfortunately a few people who said they were coming bailed at the last minute . The night before we had 38 heads which was only 2 short of our target and the morning of only 25 people showed up. We agreed next time people can pay in advance to solve people backing out at the last minute issue. Those of us that made it on the boats had the time of our lives. I lost count of how many times people came up to me from boat boats and said how glad they were to have made it.

The temperature picked up a bit and the sky was gorgeous as we set sail. We headed south and had told the other boat crew and our friends who were boarding at the Searious dock to watch for us passing by and follow behind.

We ended up on the Lady Leslie we were pleased to find out that it was Jodi Leslie’s boat and glad to meet his Dad Martin. We have sailed before with Jodi and he always made sure we had a great trip. I have to say I was very impressed with the beanbag option on our boat – there is nothing like lounging in a beanbag chair on a catamaran with your friends.

The other bunch of us who were on the Searious boat Escape all said they enjoyed the ride and we could tell as we were sailing close by and could see how much fun they were having on their boat.

Here are the first pictures up to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley – Caye Caulker pics coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

A few pics from Hol Chan and Shark Ray. First thing that happened when we docked was a pirate takeover a few of the mates from Lady Leslie grabbed a snorkel bag jumped ship and swam to the Serious boat say hi and do a raid of the booze the vodka back to our boat. I did not snorkel but held my camera under water to snap a few pics. Eduardo, Kevin and Cori also shot a couple for me under water.

Caye Caulker was great we headed to the Lazy Lizzard and stopped time for a few hours. Hanging out at the spit is always fun. Up till now I did not even realize the Lazy Lizzard served food – tried the curry shrimp and it was really good especially for $20 bzd.

After we docked we walked down the beach a bit then some of the crowd went to BC’s to meet people getting off the other boat and some of us went towards town. Paul and I headed to Jacks place to meet little Erin and Joanne. After they got settled and got all the gigantic bags of donations upstairs we went back to town to meet Mary and Tommy at Playa Lounge. Plan was to go to Tackle Box for Lobster quesadillas – Jo’s request but they were closed so we went back to our to original plan of eating at Waruguma instead.

Thanks again to both Searious Adventures and Lady Leslie from everyone who took the trip for making out first boat ride of the new year one to remember.

The temperature picked up a bit and the sky was gorgeous as we set sail. We headed south and had told the other boat crew and our friends who headed to the other dock to watch for us passing by and follow behind.

11 thoughts on “First Cat ride of 2010

  1. Eugene says:

    Lady Leslie is a beautiful and well maintained 38 foot catamaran. Captain Martin & Jody Leslie are the best. My family and I had an opportunity to sail & snorkel with them in August 2010. We sighted Manatees on 3 times north of Caye Caulker. Sailing in the Caribean breeze is wonderful way to cool off on a hot and humid day..

  2. Carol Shelly says:

    March 2010 we had a great adventure aboard the lady Leslie celebrating my 60t birthday. 13 of us came from Portland Oregon to spend 10 wonderful days in San Pedro
    thank you Jodie and Martin for a fun day on your boat.
    Music, food, drinks, and snorkling made for a wonderful day.
    Thanks for making our trip so much fun
    carol Shelly and friends
    Portland Oregon

  3. Jewels says:

    Laurie you are such a rockstar. Thank you for all your hard work in getting all of us together and on two great boats for a fantastic day. We look forward to the next one in February!!!

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