San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Reorganizing 2010

It’s amazing how fast desktops can get out of control and you need to sort it all out again. I was just looking for some seo stuff when it hit me it that had happened again and it was now time to add reorganize to my weekly list. For those of you who have gmail accounts, I just started using gmail tasks which is a super handy thing. The option is right below contacts and above chat and it allows you to make to do lists easily.

On a more different note last night while I was washing the dinner dishes I got to thinking about how we accumulate stuff and how sometimes sentimental attachment that makes us keep things even if only temporarily. What got me thinking about it in particular was washing the blue strainer Mitch gave us when she and Sev moved to Playa Del Carmen Mexico. We already had stainless one which was not really a strainer but a vegetable steamer that fit with a pot we got for $20 at Javi’s store when we first got here and a white plastic strainer that Mary gave us when she was moving back to the states.

Logically I know I do not need 3 strainers – technically the steamer is not a strainer – sentimentally I held onto the both the blue and white one because using then makes me think of Mary and Mitch – sensibly I know I will end up giving one away at a stuff swap or to someone who just moved here and is getting set up.

Not sure what our plans are for the day so far hoping to hook up with Mary1220 and her crew Dick Carole and Denise at Crazy Canucks Jam.

I almost forgot today is our anniversary. We have been living on Ambergris Caye 4 years now – share same anniversary as Pedro who hit his 10 year mark today. Happy anniversary Pedro. Cindy and Dick and Carole are all close too not sure their dates so happy anniversary goes out to them as well.

I remember the day well drinking my MR Brown iced coffee on the way to the airport and excited about our big adventure. I was go glad to be leaving the cold and loosing my fav baby blue old navy polar fleece hat a few days before was a sure sign to me that it was time to fly south. We arrived in San Pedro about 2pm and it was a gorgeous tropical day – I was being so happy to soak up the sun sea and blue skies. We dropped our bags off and went swimming right away friends that we were staying with at the time said we were crazy and jokingly called us Nordic types. Of course they had already been here a few years and acclimatized enough that they found it cold swimming in the sea at that time of year.

Here are some Ambergris Caye Belize photos from around town and Crazy Canucks Jam this afternoon for those of you who are counting the days till you get here. Jam was fantastic today – lots of great musicians. Paul and I decided Low rider was the anniversary song this year. It was nice to see Ginger frolicking too – after all was only a week ago she was in serious condition due to her crock attack incident.

Tropic Air Cessna Caravan

Middle Street

Back Street

Middle Street

Coconut palettas yum

Old football Field

Cori and Ginger

Ginger playing

Ginger playing with Kahlua

Jack, Erin, Gary and Thomas after a morning on Di Short Bus

Gary holding the days catch

Sunday Jam

Thomas from Amsterdam on Horn Gary on keyboards - both staying at Chez Caribe

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