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Casa Picasso

Capt Jeff took his entourage to Casa Picasso tonight and it was a fun time.

We set out on our bikes and figured we would catch Sharon and Beth before they left as they are just around the corner from the restaurant. After locking up Sharon told us all to jump in her golf cart, she said we had to drive because she had told Capt Jeff we would be late because traffic was bad which is too funny.

Capt Jeff, Clarissa, John and Kris were already there, Steve turned up not too long after. Maya and Colette were a bit delayed.

Although I have not been drinking for a long while now, I could not resist ordering One of Casa Picasso’s famous mohitos. I opted for a regular one, but a few of the group had the special which was dragon fruit and they looked really good.

The food was great, and service was excellent Chris and his Staff made sure we were well taken care of. We started with bread and baked garlic next came a mixed appetizer plate that had meat cheese, artichokes, olives, tomato with fresh mozzarella on top, that was followed by Caesar salad. Then I had 2 breaded lobster tails. Some of the other dishes ordered were flank steak, pork tenderloin, seafood pasta, pesto pasta, chipotle chicken. The food came fast and even though Maya and Colette ordered after we did, they still got served with us.

We had cracked coconut for dessert, it was delicious.

Ordering our drinks

Appetizer plate

Paul Maya and Steve

My lobster tails

Sharon and Colette

Cracked coconut

Capt Jeff’s entourage

Capt Jeff Chris and Sharon

Headed back to Royal Palms

Going to Sharon’s to get our bikes

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