San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Ali Baba

Beth invited me over for lunch and a swim today. She had me stop along the way and pick up our lunch from Ali Baba.

We had chicken , salad and nan all delicious. Then we went back and forth from the pool to the lounge chairs and back to the pool again. The afternoon sun was very hot and it never took long before we were ready to take another dip.

It was a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon, and a well needed break. I was cleaning up my pc this morning and almost lost some files, I had to restore all that was in my recycle bin to find them again and as a result undid a bunch of my mornings work. Tomorrow I will start again and hopefully be able to find and re-delete everything.

I am trying to get this over with asap so I can back it all up on our external hard drive. I do not back up as often as I should but at least I am making an effort to organize it all so backing up will be easier and I can do it more often.

My pink bike outside Ali Baba

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