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Major Saga Update

I have been a bit overdue in the Saga Humane Society updates. Thanks goes out to to all the SAGA volunteers who have sent information about SAGA events – fundraisers and stories about the good work they do within the community for the animals of Ambergris Caye.

Chubby & Capri – Why Don’t You Love us Anymore?

Imagine growing up with your family and loved ones around you.  Imagine the security of knowing that you’ll be cared for and loved into your old age, that someone will be there for you to make sure that you are able to enjoy your final years with comfort and care.  Now imagine being elderly and your family moving away, just abandoning you and leaving you behind.  Wouldn’t you wonder why they don’t love you anymore?

Chubby & Capri are two gentle and loyal cats.  They were born in 2000 and spent their entire lives with their family, who apparently cared for them and loved them all of that time.  As all responsible pet owners know – pet ownership is a lifelong commitment.  Sadly for Chubby & Capri, their owners were not responsible.

Chubby & Capri had no idea that when their owner left that they would never come back, but that is exactly what happened.  Their owner left them in temporary care and then they just said they weren’t coming back.  For over ten years, Chubby and Capri had a family that loved them and then, that family abandoned them.

Poor Chubby & Capri.  It’s not their fault. They are very good cats – a bit overweight, but lovely and sweet.  Now, during a time when they should be enjoying their ‘senior’ years, they are homeless and probably wondering why their previous owners don’t love them anymore.

They are currently living at SAGA Humane Society, where the staff are trying to keep them comfortable and happy, but it isn’t the right place for a pair of older cats who’ve spent their whole lives as family pets. Chubby & Capri need someone to come into their lives to restore their faith in human beings.  They need someone who truly does understand that pet ownership is a lifelong commitment. They need someone who will love them truly and forever.  Chubby  & Capri have already gone through so much upheaval that SAGA Humane Society believes that it would be best to keep them together.

Please give Chubby and Capri a chance to show you that love lasts a lifetime.  If you are thinking of getting a pet, remember that cats and dogs live well over ten years.  A good and responsible owner understands this and makes sure that their pets are cared for, especially when they are older.  Pets are dependent on us and should never have to wonder why their owners don’t love them anymore.

If you can give a permanent and loving home to Chubby & Capri or to any other animal in need, please call SAGA on 226 3266 and they will be more than happy to help.

Saga Humane Society Belize 

Ladies and the Champ casino fundraiser

SAGA Humane Society is pleased to announce that Monday, August 1, Captain’s Casino at Captain Morgan’s Retreat will be welcoming the 2011 Costa Maya Beauty Queens, Reigning 2010 Queen Gabriela Asturias and Poker King Badih “Bob” Bounahra in a Casino Night and Cocktail party for the benefit of SAGA Humane Society.

Guests will be treated to a night of glamour and gambling from 7 pm-10 pm for a $20 BZ entrance fee.



FREE APPETIZERS- Mini Pizza, Shrimp Cocktail, Beef, and Pork Sliders

FREE BOAT TO CAPTAIN MORGAN’s arrive FIDO’s DOCK @ 6:30, 7:30, 8:30 PM

We look forward to seeing you there.

Please join the Ladies and The Champ Facebook invitation to see who is coming and stay updated before the event.Captain's Casino at Captain Morgan's Retreat Ambergris Caye Belize

Saga Pasta Cook off

SAGA Humane Society would like to thank all our entries for Cook-Off Pasta, Attendees, Donors, and The Tackle Box Bar & Grill a great event July 20, 2011.  Your support, efforts, and talents help make our Cook-Offs a success.  Proceeds support and benefit SAGA Shelter Animals until they can find Forever Homes.

SAGA has the pleasure to announce the top prizes for Cook-Off Pasta.  1st Place was awarded to Handmade Spinach Fettuccine with smoked fish, avocado and basil tomato salad made by Anna & Gunter – Mathieu’s Deli.  They received an iPod Shuffle.

2nd Place was for Gnocchi with bacon, mushroom and Gorgonzola cream sauce, served with Three Cheese Bread made by Sharon Metcalfe.  $75.00 Gift Certificate courtesy of El Divino Restaurant at Banana Beach Resort.

3rd Place was Fettuccini and Broccoli in Chicken Flavored Sauce entered by Ingrid Lima, sponsored by Pampered Paws.  She won a Glass Pitcher with Glasses Set.

Gourmet Mac n’ Cheese-  Chap Ross sponsored by Kim Bierman Chicken Pasta with Veggie Medley-  Bill Nelson & Georgia McClennan Chicken BBQ Pasta- Carolina Gonzalez Really Awesome Mac n’ Cheese- Lori Purdy Lobster Fra-Diavzo with Penne- Bruce Pickering Seafood Chipotle- Tackle Box Bar & Grill Shrimp Creole Pasta- Mel Spain

Raffle prizes donated were: $50.00 Gift Certificate to Pampered Paws for a full groom, $50.00 Gift Certificate to Saga Humane Society,  Bottle wine.

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