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Camp Belize is Almost Upon Us

This one is for all you Jerry Jeff Walker Fans, Camp Belize 2015 is almost upon us!

Every year for the last 15+ years, Country Music fans have enjoyed performances by none other than Jerry Jeff Walker himself. This year is no exception.

On Tuesday to Friday January 20, 23, 27, 30 JJW will once again wow the crowd at Fido’s.

There are a group of diehard fans that flock to San Pedro as well. “VIP” Laminates are sold from the JJW website for 2 separate weeks (the first starts tomorrow) and then again beginning next Sunday. According to Jerry Jeff’s website, online passes are sold out, but Fido’s still has a few for sale. Both Tuesday and Friday shows; $150.00 USD and for a single show $100 USD.

Although the dates above are the only official dates for the actual concerts, the members of “Camp Belize” are known to go around town and do a bit of jamming (otherwise known as “Picking Parties”) at local restaurants/bars.

So, if you like to listen to some good ole’ country music, be sure to check out one of these fun events, see picking party schedule below.

As for Jerry, he’s not only a talented musician but, also has a super cool charity foundation. Everyone knows I am all about charitable organizations and his is a great one! 🙂

“The Jerry Jeff Walker Tried True Foundation exists to support education in popular music. The Foundation seeks opportunities to help young people gain the valuable skills and training needed for a successful career in the professional music industry. This is achieved through scholarships to schools such as the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in the U.K., and through an initiative to support a local, comparable program in the United States.”

Read more on the website:
They have raised over $350,000. Kudo’s to you Jerry Jeff Walker!

camp belize 2015
Pic courtesy of Jerry Jeff Walker facebook page
camp belize
Camp Belize Picking Party schedule courtesy of Sherry
casa gonzo belize
Jerry Jeff and Susan Walker host the band at Casa Gonzo in Belize picture courtesy of albertandgage
camp belize
Jerry Jeff Walker entertaining the crowd at Camp Belize picture courtesy of San Pedro Sun

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  1. Dawn McKinnon says:

    Do u recommend booking tropic air flight to San Pedro before arriving in belize city? Could we get tropic air coupon code please for jan 24.
    Do you have a golf cart company you can recommended? How soon in advance do we have to reserve a cart?
    Thanks for everything!

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