ABC’s Beach Bar was Rockin

by tacogirl
jerry jeff walker picking party belize

Upon arrival at ABC’s… about an hour into the popular beach bar Pickin’ Party, it was easy to see (and hear) that the afternoon was turning out to be a pretty fun time. The Jerry Jeff Walker fans that arrived in San Pedro last week for “Camp Belize 2015″ were out in full force, as well as some of the “new arrivals” that are here for pretty much a duplicate agenda as last week. See “Camp Belize is almost Upon Us” post for Jerry Jeff Walker picking party schedule.

Folks came from all over (mostly from the US, but some from Canada) to join in on the fun. Sherry and Tull were gracious to share the stage during their regular Saturday gig at ABC beach bar. Everything was so smooth, there was hardly a lull in the music as each new set of pickers went on stage.

The crowd took over the beach and at one point someone made an announcement to have everyone come in closer to the building as to not block traffic. Sorry to anyone who was trying to get by 🙂

I’d like to make a special mention of a couple that were in San Pedro for Camp Belize, for their 8th time this year. Rodney and Tommie Smith. They celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary at this party – congratulations. I wonder if they’ll have their 40th here next year….

Camp Belize 2015

Happy Anniversary Rodney and Tommie Smith

jerry jeff walker

Sherry and Tull

jerry jeff walker picking party

Picking party at ABC

jerry jeff walker picking party

Great live music

jerry jeff walker belize

ABC picking party

jerry jeff walker picking party belize

Huge turnout for the picking party

abc's beach bar picking party for camp belize 2015

Happy crowd

jerry jeff walker

This years Jerry Jeff walker shirts

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