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Breakfast Club

Met up with Dick Carole Cindy & Jeff for breakfast at El Divino – yum. Came home to get a bit of work done and grab some games for the beach. Looks like it has warmed up enough to go enjoy some sun sand & talented musicians at Crazy Canucks Sunday jam- Jeff and Cindy already there we will catch up with them soon and Dick and Carole not far behind us.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast Club

  1. tacogirl says:

    We did have a 50% off card Remo. That is great you had use of a card while here, it was a very good deal. I have not met the new owners yet but will do soon. I did not know that about Beto and look fish but not surprised – he has a very interesting history and has done a lot of cool stuff and we do not even know the half of it. We did have the chance to enjoy some of his stories when we rented from him in town. I will check out the link thanks for posting it.

  2. Remo says:

    Were you one of the people that got the 50% discount cards?

    Looks like El Divino changed owners (effective this week) and the previous owner gave his good customers 50% off until December 1, 2009

    My uncle gave me his card (he runs Banyon Bay) and I was a VERY happy guy for my 4 days in San Pedro:)

    And did you know Mr. Beto Marin (my gf’s father) are good friends with the owners of kool fish. I had no clue until they introduced the owner and his family to me at a party on Nov. 19th.

    I invited them to El Davino to try the famous mixed ceviche and they LOVED it. However, they invited me to try their one in Playa Del carmen. So, I can’t wait to go back. Very nice people by the way. I wish I knew about them when I was in PDC back in early September.

    Oh, here is a link that discusses about the food at kool fish in Playa del Carmen started by Michele.



  3. tacogirl says:

    ha ha. I tried to reply back to that night – we were back at El Divino for dinner when I got your last text but reply would not go through even outside.

  4. CarbunkleTrumpet says:

    You failed to mention that you sent the text to me as it was in the mid 50’s and raining here. Good recovery as I was getting that Taco Girl Voodoo doll out!

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