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Bowling Angels

Did anyone ever try to explain thunder to you when you were younger? I seem to remember someone (could have been my mom) saying the angels are bowling and they just hit a strike.

I am in a deadline today to get this weeks article done for La Vida Idealist. As usual I have a notepad going with a good head start so I am not totally screwed but having a hard time sitting down and re-working what I wrote. I tried listening to my 10 min alpha break mp3 which usually flips the switch but all I could think of was the mini lap top draw today and then Molly started barking as Audry came to the door to ask where to get cheap seafood. I decided to try a cold shower to refresh – not much help. [in canada I used to take a hot bath when I wanted to focus not an option here]

tacoboy even made me another iced coffee and I am going to read everyone’s posts that went up this week to keep my head focused in that direction while I drink it. I am finding it interesting to read about what kind of experiences people are going through as they shake up their lives with the adventure of living and volunteering in Central / Latin America.

So excited not only did I finish my post Cindy just got back from Milwaukee and brought us good & fruity as well as  jelly bellys. Paul Cindy Dick and I  are all in sugar coma now from the jellys.

Above Nellies Laundry and BEL Office

While working -I have been Chatting on the coconut phone off and on all day with Patrick and Joanne. Not chatted with Pat in a long time and it was good to catch up even though he had blah news about one of our other past roommates and also his own health. Joanne is excited about her trip back here at the end of August.

She will not be here long just enough time for a quick hello before she comes to volunteer for 2 months in January – drop off some donations and likely go to San Ignacio with Vernon to meet Dr. Martell from Nova Scotia.

Liz just pointed me to an interesting blog – A DAY IN THE LIFE … of an animal communicator. Cooking dinner now sausages  and grilled veggies – lucky we made it to sausage factory before they closed for month. Even though we stocked up it does not seem like much when I look in the freezer. I just realized it is 9pm no wonder I am hungry my stomach clock usually goes off by 6pm – where does time go?

4 thoughts on “Bowling Angels

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Dale.
    Cheapest price I know for smokes is $5 bzd at Marina’s usually $6 elsewhere – they also sell half packs for $3. You can smoke in public places and most restaurants or bars unless otherwise stated for example when Pedro does a big food event he deems it smoking outside. Crime happens everywhere so important to be smart in general in that respect – usually times like low season may cause a bit of an increase.

  2. desire says:

    How much is a pack of cigs down in Belize? Can you still smoke in public places? How is the crime down there? Thanks dale

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