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Been trying to get text and pics up off and on all day with not much luck till now – I finally managed to get 3 pictures up of the new movie theater. Will get some Boca Del Rio and Hol Chan pics up tomorrow – it’s 10pm and time to step away from my desk.

Thanks for your patience.

Somehow getting more pictures up this morning but fighting tooth and nail to do it – as a result I jumped at Dicks offer to go for a cart ride and step away for a few minutes so I do not go crazy. It is not even slow internet at this point but my picture gallery doing all kinds of wacked stuff like loading pictures and then not letting me fix them when no thumbnail is showing up or loading last 2 pics from earlier yesterday and soon as they are done uploading poof they are gone and a 0 picture(s) successfully added message

Finally got Thursday mornings pics from our trip to the school done. Lisa brought some stickers for the kids and was going to volunteer but the school is not open today so she will likely help out decorating for the big Liberty Children’s Home fundraiser at Pedro’s instead. It was Rag day at the school so kids were encouraged to pay $1 to be able to wear street clothing – one of the ways Holy Cross fundraises from within.

I am going to go sort through my underwater pics now and eventually get some up. We had a great time snorkeling Hol Chan and hit Shark Ray Alley as well. It really is nice to be a 10 minute boat ride away from all that. So far I am averaging a one out of 3 ratio for getting Hol Chan pics up.

These pics go out to Chunky and Ruthie – Sending you on a snorkeling adventure to – Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley.

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