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Living in Belize

Friday Drive


Dick and I went driving around the island today – got some errands done – took lots of pictures  and went for a bit of a joy ride. We saw some pretty cool houses – I always enjoy it when we go to the other side of the air strip lots of different things to see there and it feels like a real adventure. Today was especially good too because we beat the mosquito hour.

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  1. tacogirl January 4, 2010

    Thanks for the compliment Rene̩. Seeing that house made my day it is just so cool. Location is on the other side of the airstrip РI think it is in San Pedrito area. We managed to see it while Dick and I were driving around one day to see what we could see. Not too far to get there by cart 10 Р15 from town. P.S. if you own the smiling house and happen to be reading this your house totally rocks.

  2. Reneé January 4, 2010

    TG, your blog is the best!!! I just love the “smiling” house–looks like something you would see at Disneyland! Where exactly on the island are those houses; how far are they from town?

  3. tacogirl December 7, 2009

    I bet you will have a big reunion when you come back Ruthie.

  4. Ruthie December 4, 2009

    Ahhh, our old friend Maria!

  5. tacogirl December 4, 2009

    We sure did Harold. Wow to storm that is hard. If you search San Pedro to Playa Del Carmen or Playa Del Carmen to San Pedro one of those posts has bus pricing in it. I will post a link soon to the water taxi from Chetumal info as well. Good luck on scoring a deal to Belize.

    I do too Ginger that made my day seeing that place.

  6. Ginger December 4, 2009

    I LOVE the Happy House!

  7. harold December 4, 2009

    looks like you had a nice day . alot nicer than mine (800 km in a nasty storm with 60-100 km winds) yours looks better . can you tell me or ruff cost how much a bus ticket from cancun to corozal is. i’am trying to find the best prices on flights after your last few blogs on air fairs thanks harold


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