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Bon Voyage San Ignacio, Hello Belmopan


This afternoon we said goodbye to San Ignacio and hello to Belmopan. After three days of luxury at the San Ignacio Hotel, we are about to get back to nature and enjoy a tropical Hobbit house experience before going home to the San Pedro rat race.

Not wanting us to schlep our bags down the hill, the front desk offered to call us a cab and although we had originally planned to walk we agreed. The cab was $5 and the bus station attendant double checked with us when he saw who our driver was. He said sometimes the guy charges tourists more. Our bus pulled up within 5 minutes. The cost to get to Belmopan was $6 for both of us and the trip took about one hour. All pricing in Belize dollars.

I have Leisa Carr-Caseres to thank for the idea of more mainland fun. Emailing back and forth with her on a nonrelated topic got me extending our downtime and heading in the Banana Bank Lodge direction. She also gave me the following recommendation “Trey’s Barn & Grill (best steak in Belize – not kidding).” I’d have to say, she’s probably right on that one.

As you can see by the pictures below Banana Bank is very lush. It is such a quirky fun place. Where else can you watch your friend ride up to the pool on a horse, or enjoy the owner riding into the dining hall to give guests a lunchtime show and photo op? – true story 🙂 There are also talking birds, an amazing art gallery and a very cool and humongous telescope inside an observatory.

Where to stay in Belize

Cool pathways throughout the property


Large open green spaces

Banana Bank Lodge

Owners house, cafe, and pool

Where to stay in Belize

Cowboy Doug riding around the pool

Banana Bank Lodge

Tropical Hobbit House

Where to stay in Belize

John Carr and Cowboy Doug riding by the birdhouse

Where to stay in Belize

Dining Hall


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  1. tacogirl October 2, 2015

    We had a great time. Nicole too bad we did not get to stop and chat, maybe next time.

  2. Nicole October 1, 2015

    I thought I saw you in San Ignacio, twice actually. Both times I was in a cab heading out of town. Hope you had a great time here.


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