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Living in Belize

Black Dirt Sale


Had a quiet morning at home, then Jeannie and Pam came by to go for lunch at Wild Mango’s. I had my usual; Amy’s chef salad and an Arnold Palmer to drink (1/2 iced tea + 1/2 lime). Both great.

Jeanie and Pam had to rush off to house business, which entailed getting the refrigerator man to the ferry dock and the dog to the vet. Taco-bro and I headed down front street to go hang out at Perk for a bit, then walked home.

Went to town for dinner at Blue Moon and the food was great, as always. Paul had chicken fajitas, Rob had blackened fish, and I did shrimp quesadillas with a side of fries.

Of course, we could not send taco-bro home without trying DanDe’s first. We went and chatted with Dan and Eileen while we enjoyed. We ordered red apple on a sugar cone, coconut and sour sop in a cup, and peanut butter with a bulls-eye . Can you guess who ordered what? Leave comment and see if you get it right.

For all you gardeners out there:

Black dirt sale
1 – 10 bags, $12 each
10 bags and up, $10 each
To purchase dirt, contact Jeannie at 628-3379

Truck full of stuff

Delivery time

Delivering a fridge with a tractor

Moving a soda fridge

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  1. tacogirl January 10, 2009

    ha ha good guesses for both of you.

    Statia Girl you came closest as you got Rob right with coconut sour sop combo – Paul was red apple and I was peanut butter with hot fudge bulls eye.

  2. Statia Girl January 10, 2009

    okay – i think the red apple on a sugar cone was yours, agree that peanut butter with hotfudge was tacoboy’s and the coconut with sour sop was tacobro’s am i even close?

  3. caribbeansoul January 8, 2009

    The red apple on a sugar cone was tacobro’s, the peanutbutter with hotfudge was tacoboy’s and the coconut and sour sop in a cup was yours? How did I do?


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