Flights to Roatan

Best Water Activities in Roatan

Multi-country travel is a common vacation theme and with daily flights to Roatan Honduras from Belize, it is super easy to get from one country to the other.

Today’s guest post comes to you from well-known writer Amanda Walkins.

Her blog is centered on travel and expat related themes, with a strong focus on her time living on the Caribbean island of Roatan, Honduras. Amanda believes that travel creates stronger bonds between different cultures and countries, allowing individuals to expand their own understanding of the world on personal terms rather than solely through classrooms and the news. Living overseas as an expat provides a unique perspective on another culture and another way of life.

A few reasons to Fly on over to Roatan on your Belize Vacation

Belize is well known as a premier SCUBA diving location, with some of the most unique dive sites in the world (Blue Hole, anyone?).

If you’re traveling to Belize for a diving vacation, you should consider extending your trip to take advantage of Tropic Air’s direct flight to the island of Roatan. A quick 1-hour flight brings you from Belize City to Roatan International Airport. Be sure to fly with a purpose book your Tropic flights with tacogirl Coupon Code. Automatically support two local charities, without any additional cost to you. Click on the Tropic Air/Premier Duty Free ad to the right of this article for your flight promo code and a code of 15% off at the duty-free store.

Flights to Roatan
Lots to see on a Roatan flight

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef extends from Belize out to the Bay Islands of Honduras, of which Roatan is the largest. Diving in Roatan is a bucket list item, so if you don’t have it on your list already, it’s time to add it!

Roatan underwater
Diving Roatan

But diving isn’t the only amazing thing about the island of Roatan…there are so many water activities you can do even if you’re not a diver. In fact, Roatan has become an incredibly popular destination for families and groups with a mix of divers and non-divers because of the diversity of activities for everyone to enjoy.

For you beach bums, West Bay Beach in Roatan is frequently voted one of the Caribbean’s best beaches. From this extensive strip of perfectly fine, white sand, you can swim out to the coral reef only a few minutes away for some of the best snorkeling in the world.

West Bay Beach Roatan
Popular West Bay Beach Roatan Honduras

Don’t consider yourself a snorkeler either? No problem. Head to West End to try becoming a bubblehead. Ocean Connections Water Sports hosts the B.O.S.S. Underwater Adventure, where you can actually ride a submersible scooter. That’s right, you can drive underwater while breathing normally. This is such a unique underwater adventure that you have to try!

If you’re ready for something new, try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding. This activity is one of the fastest growing sports in the world right now, gaining popularity for being easy and fun to learn. The water along Roatan’s northwestern coast sees very little wave action, making it the perfect location to test out your new skills.

If you’re ready for a challenge, try flyboarding – you’ll feel like a superhero as you soar out of the water with your feet attached to what looks like a snowboard. The propulsion from the Jet Ski you’re attached to will give you the ability to fly, twist, and flip around in the air above the turquoise Caribbean waters.

Flights to Roatan
West Bay Flyboard adventure

Perhaps one of the all-time favorite water activities for visitors to Roatan is the variety of boat tours available…

Head to nearby Cayos Cochinos for the boat tour of a lifetime. These isolated little islands offer some of the healthiest coral reefs in the world, and the day trip is unlike any other.

Take a glass-bottom boat tour with the family to show off the beautiful underwater views to those who can’t snorkel or dive.

Take a tour through Roatan’s famous mangrove tunnels, carved out by the Paya Indians who once inhabited the island before Europeans arrived in the region.

There are even sunset catamaran cruises complete with live music and drinks so you can get the party started with the most breathtaking views on Earth.

Island of Roatan
Gorgeous Roatan Island Sunset

Whatever water activities you opt to do in Roatan, you are guaranteed to enjoy the gorgeous tropical vistas, the healthy coral reef, and the warmth of sunshine and Caribbean waters, Roatan is the perfect addition to your visit to Belize!

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  1. Barbara Miller says:

    Have been to Fantasy Island Resort in 2007 and loved it. Love the island .Not soo commercial as other places
    Swam with dolphins at anthonys key it was fabulous .I have also been to Le Ceiba on the mainland. It doesn’t come close to being as cdyztal blue and pristine as beautiful Roatan

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