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Living in Belize

Fallish feeling


It is a bit fallish out there today. Enough to get me to turn the hot water on and think about a light long sleeve shirt. Been working on a few long overdue site maintenance things today – updated Tropic Air discount coupon – Media page and Services page.

Got a request from Monel for any comic book fans or people who like to vote [you do not have to register] – he is asking you to go to DC. comics Legend of Super Hero’s Election and vote for brainy.

Downtown San Pedro Belize

Downtown San Pedro Belize

Downtown San Pedro Belize

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  1. tacogirl October 20, 2010

    Generally it is warm enough here not to bother with hot water 6 – 8 months of the year for me. I bet you miss it here.

  2. Debra Milstead October 20, 2010

    Hey Laurie…so are you saying..you don’t normally use hot water…like in cold showers? Hope all is good with you. We sure do miss Belize.


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