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Belize Trivia

Last night we used our original trivia name from way back when it used to be at Jambel Jerk Pit when Alex was hosting – Round Crazy Shrimp. 35 people came out to play making the pot $175 bzd. We were in second place but the bonus round brought us back to life and gave us the extra 2 points we needed to tie the game for first place with Phil and Marie. For those of you who could not make it out to trivia last night – here is a fun – short Belize Trivia Quiz.

Unfortunately the Belize cheese embargo  is still temporarily messing up the Island pizza situation. I was totally looking forward to a white pizza with peperoni and green pepper – I consoled myself with a chili dog and an order of shrimp.

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize

Pedro's Pizza San Pedro Belize


  1. I missed something – what happened with the cheese?

  2. There has been a Dairy Embargo on Maureen, prohibiting the import of foreign cheese into the country. http://ambergrisdaily.com/belize-news/belize-diary-embargo-update/

  3. Trivia link wayyyyyy too easy 🙂

  4. You needed to be there Thurs night and you might be thinking different mysteryboy. Here is one of Cindy’s questions – name the 6 highways in Belize.

  5. I am taking my Father and a few friends to San Pedro this Saturday for the 3 day weekend. San Pedro has some of the best pizza joints in all of Belize. Belize City does NOT EVEN COMPARE but that is another story.

    As a Belizean this cheese embargo really makes me upset. When it comes to food I don;t mind paying a lot UNLESS you give me a quality good tasting product. If so, I would happily pay the price.

    Yes, I agree that we need to support local industries considering that Belize is a country that imports way more than exporting.

    Now the Mennonites want to have us eat their cheese. Fine, then give us a good tasting quality product!!!

    The Mennonite’s cheese products taste disgusting in my opinion. I want my right to choose what product to buy. Once again another monopoly in effect:(

    Anyway, I am off my rant now…….


  6. Good Rant Remo. Sounds fun 3 day weekend. You can Try Pedro’s for pizza I heard he just came back from Belize city today with some cheese how long the supply will last not sure – I can always check for you closer to the time.

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