San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Rooster Crowing

Been sitting at my desk since 4:30am listening to the same rooster crowing in the distance that I mentioned on facebook yesterday. Funny how that sound which would have been out of the ordinary in our old life has now come to be a routine daily sound. Have a meeting Seaduced this morning so I got up early to get some work done first.

Don’t forget folks tomorrow is the Alta Mar Neighborhood Watch Fundraiser Beach Barbecue.

Sunday May 16th Come and bring the family to the beach south of Royal Palm and enjoy some Barbecue Chicken – rice & beans slaw cookies cupcakes and beverages. All proceeds to a great cause.

Alternating between business projects and couch surfing this aft – what I really want is a nap but my brain just will not settle down.

Working late tonight- Sitting here wondering why people start twitter accounts and never do anything with them – such a waste. 9:00pm I am done and dusted for now and totally in need of a sandwich.

Here are a few pics I took when Dick and I were driving around town Wednesday.

Crystal Water Belize

Grocery Shopping San Pedro Belize

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