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Two Indian Food Reviews and Frozen Custard

The buzz around town is the new Indian Food place called Basmati Restaurant on middle street. It is in the old Moondancer clothing store building across from A&R.

1. This is a really big deal because up until now if you wanted East Indian food you have to either fly over or have it flown in by Sumathi Restaurant in Belize City. I have eaten from before. I was at a poker tournament at the Princess Casino Poker Room and they had it delivered. Totally delicious and a fun experience.

I was chatting on Facebook messenger with Aimee yesterday while working and mentioned being hungry and not feeling like cooking lunch. She wrote back that she had just seen a picture of it on San Pedro Scoop Facebook page and asked if I wanted to go for lunch. I was all in and thought it was funny as I had Indian food on my mind literally having just sent this article to the Kumars – There’s a Scientific Reason Why Indian Food Is So Delicious. Anything they make is delicious but especially their Indian food, they are both fantastic cooks.

Being as it was their grand opening and not all the waiters were familiar with Indian food, we all understood they would have a few kinks to iron out. Like not having the right kind of cheese for Palak Paneer or the food being brought out a bit on Belize time. That can even happen in places that have long been in business here, however. Aimee ordered the Chef Special Vegetable Curry and Kristjan had the Potato Vindaloo (was supposed to be chicken). I had the Gobi Manchurian. We were all happy with our dishes and each other’s – of course, we did tasters 🙂

Everything we had was yummy and everyone agreed it was worth going back again. Not quite ready to get back home to work, I suggested after we had finished eating that DandE’s Frozen Custard was in order and my foodie friends totally agreed. Mint chocolate chip with a fudge bullseye, soursop and coconut all on sugar cones. Although I was not the one who ordered it I did try soursop for the first time. Eileen saying it tasted like starburst candy made me instantly want to taste test. It did not make me switch my order but it was very yummy and I will definitely make it the star of the show one day soon. Later I got a message from my friend Kendall who said he also tried Basmati Restaurant with his friend Brian last night. He offered to give his review – see below. I am also waiting for John’s review as I know he and Rose both like Indian food and will be trying it out soon if they have not already. Watch for John’s review on his blog a Belize home for us.

Indian Review by a Meandering Fool

2. I do love a good curry. Indian food has certainly been a missed item since moving to this island. Just a few days ago I passed by the location and saw that everything inside was getting redone, and was hoping for a restaurant…and I was very happy with what Taco told me that is was; Indian food. Of course, I had to try it. Day one is the best right?!

My buddy and I cruised down there for some deliciousness on the first night of operations. Forgive me, cause I like the food…but I really have no idea what things are called. After we placed our order they brought out these little flat hard cracker things that were really great little pre-dinner treats. They were a bit peppery/spicy which was perfect for me – mainly ’cause the spice overtook my dinner mate Brian and I got to eat his too! He had the beef curry with white rice, (not sure who orders white rice with Indian food…but this restaurant was accommodating) and I picked the Chili Chicken. Both great choices I thought. I would rank mine as ‘pretty darn spicy’ but I ate every ounce of that sauce. The taste was great, and NEW for the island.

The chicken was colored through, indicating to me mine had sat in a proper long marinade (another dinner I queried about – his experience reported the opposite of his meat). A common experience of 4 of the 5 people – reduce the price ($25 starting), or increase the portions. I was okay with it.

The three people I spoke to thought it was far too spendy for the portion size. One guy thought it was perfect (though he was the skinniest of the group). My experience – great Flavor, wonderful spice, eh price. Too bad the waitress had a wedding ring. All in all – I’ll be back (my wallet won’t allow as much as my tummy would) for sure. Certainly worth checking it out!

Belize restaurant
Basmati Restaurant on Middle St.
Belize restaurant
Decorated for opening day
Ambergris Caye Restaurants
They serve it separately then you put it together
Ambergris Caye Restaurants
Gobi Manchurian
Ambergris Caye
Street sweeper I was watching out the window
Best Restaurants in San Pedro Belize
Eileen hooking us up with sugar cones
Best Restaurants in San Pedro Belize
Mint chocolate chip (with 3 kinds of chocolate) and a fudge bullseye on top
Best Restaurants in San Pedro Belize
DandE’s was pretty busy the whole time we were there it is one of the most popular places on Middle St

I did not make it to town for Garifuna settlement day sunrise celebration yesterday morning. Karen Brodie did and she said there were a lot fewer people out than 2 years ago. I am thinking maybe they were all getting their beauty sleep as the Garifuna Cultural Center just south of the gas station was jammin’ late with a big party. Karen was going to share a picture with me but she is stuck in editing backlog and the ones she shot have not made it off her camera yet. So I included a picture I shared on my Facebook page posted by Frank Palacio. If you want to know more about this Belizean Holiday, read the new post on Bound for Belize blog – Garifuna Settlement Day celebrates a beautiful culture and the spirit of endurance.

Garafuna Settlement Day Belize
Garifuna Settlement Day By Frank Palacio

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