Downtown San Pedro Belize

A Great Way to Visit With Vacationing Friends

Last weekend Shannon and her daughter Jana were doing a fast 2-day visit along with Shannon’s friends Alex and Albert – all from Texas. Knowing that the weather was still going to be stormy, I decided to check in last minute with Mayan Princess and see if they had a room open. Thankfully they did.

This made it so much easier to spend time with Shannon and Jana. Living down south, with the rains, giant lakes and potholes I likely would have only made it to town to see them once to share a meal somewhere. So glad it all fell into place and we got to enjoy some quality time together. I cannot believe how much Jana has grown since the last time I saw her – from a cute little girl to a pretty and polite young adult.

A Room With a View

Shannon and I spent much of our time catching up in my room lying on the comfortable queen bed, chatting like teenagers and playing with our cell phones. Over the course of that time, it was amazing how many times the sky changed as the sun tried to stay out and another heavy rain cloud took over. We both kept getting up to marvel at the sky and snap pics. My 3rd-floor room had a better field of vision for this as opposed to theirs on the 1st floor. While we were doing girl time Jana stayed downstairs in their room to relax and read, coming up periodically to say hi.

Shannon does a great blog called the 3-day Traveler about her 2, 3, 4, and 5-day trips around the world. It is well worth checking out – even my mom reads it 🙂

A View With a Room

I love the open concept design of the Mayan Princess. There is a bed and a nice bath area at one end and a half wall separating it from the rest of the room. I also like how the stylish sink is outside the bathrooms. It makes it easy for 2 people to be doing their thing at once without crowding each other out.

Lots of Room

The studios are very spacious complete with lots of shelf space, closet room, and a full kitchenette. You can easily do snacks and basic reheating of food in the microwave or make toast and eggs for breakfast on 2 burner cooktop. It has a breakfast bar and a nice sized living room too with a couch and two chairs. There is also a big outdoor patio.

Great for Entertaining

Since I knew I was not dealing with a bunch of drunken monkeys  😉 I was more than happy to have my room be party central during their stay. We enjoyed a drink and chat before walking to dinner at Waruguma on Back St. They are famous for their giant burritos especially the lobster ones. I figured this might be the case in advance so I had packed my portable music player that my friend gifted me last time he stayed at the Mayan Princess and had a 32 gig micro sd card loaded up with DJ Hoy’s music. Click through and read lobster meat pies and a reader review to see what Anu had to say about staying there, and where and what day to get the yummy pies.

My how time flies, to think one week ago I was enjoying my peaceful Sunday morning sleeping in at the hotel and my new found coffee shower shelf below 😉 So much has transpired between now and then. For those of you considering moving to San Pedro, it is not necessarily as laid back as most people think. There is always so much going on and it can be hard to get a break. An occasional hotel stay with company (or even without) is a nice remedy to that.

Belize coffee
On my wish list if I ever build a house – coffee shower shelf

If you have found my blog, are you still in the research stage and wondering where to stay in Belize? Consider Mayan Princess. It is a reasonably priced beachfront hotel with free Wifi in downtown San Pedro; and walking distance to almost everywhere in town.

I will leave you with two last pictures, the left one I took a long while back on a hot sunny day, and the one on the right was one of the weather shots I took while with Shannon.

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