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Belize Prices and Fun Facebook Status Questions

I have done several prices in Belize and cost of living in Belize write-ups and they have always been of interest. This time I decided to try something new and use Facebook status questions to get people to weigh in on pricing and useful information that people who are traveling to Belize or moving abroad will want to know.

April 5th – I just paid $17.25 BZD for a bag of frozen cranberries, anyone outside of Belize have a price comparison? Anyone on the island have a good spot for decent priced brown rice?
Comments – Richard Merrick, Saint Louis, MO – How big of a bag? I think it’s around $4.50 us for a bag of frozen.
Carrie Franklin, Mainland Belize About $3.50 here.
Debra Gannon Milstead, San Pedro, Belize – I bought brown rice at the Greenhouse. I don’t remember how much I paid though.
Michelle Torres,  San Ignacio, Belize – It so much less on the mainland and especially in Spanish Lookout!
Jason Southwell, San Pedro, Belize – Brown Rice is dirt cheap at the Twin supermarket right next to Municipal Airport… but that’s not on the island. We always stop there on our way back and stock up.
Ti Southwell, San Pedro, Belize -The Greenhouse carries Mahatma brown rice, which is really good, but it is ~$9 BZD. That’s twice what we pay in the city, but for a different brand.
Laurie Norton, San Pedro, Belize – Bag was around 16 oz size, Richard and Carrie. Maybe a trip to Spanish Lookout in order Michelle. I will do that next time, thanks for the thought Jason, always shop there when I am on my way back to Muni their prices, in general, are very good. I checked Green House Ti but they had expensive converted brown rise or something, was less selection than they normally have that day.

April 8th – Today’s price comparison. Paul got me a 1-gallon jug of Ocean Spray Cranberry juice at mini Marina’s for $20 bzd which I thought was not bad, how does that compare to where you are?

Comments – Amy Ragan,Austin, Texas,- It’s around $5 US in Texas which would be $2.50bze
Sandi Lee Hamacher Sikkenga, Tuscon, Arizona – $1.99 on sale at Frys Grocery, for 1/2 Gal
Maureen Schulz-Sowder, Johnstown, Colorado – Isn’t it the other way around Amy ๐Ÿ˜‰ $5 US = $10 BZE?
Jane West, Warrington, Pennsylvania – yeah, but you should see how much WE pay for coconut water!
Maureen Schulz-Sowder, Johnstown, Colorado – LOL Janie! Isn’t that the truth! I don’t know how much Ocean Spray cranberry juice cocktail is here except the Knudsens PURE cranberry juice is about $8 for a small bottle (maybe 32 oz).
Amy Ragan, Austin, Texas, – you’re right Maureen…sorry about that
Monique F. Kendal, Mississauga, Ontario – $6 – 8 at No Frills or Costco
Mr.Lawrence Flores, New York, New York – Damn $20 bucks for ‘Ocean Spray?! I hope it was “High Corn Fructose” Free?!
Laurie Norton, San Pedro Belize – Thanks for your answers everyone. I miss sale shopping. I remember looking at the weekend papers for grocery store sale fliers. We would go through them and decide which store Jerry, Chris, Paul sometimes Patrick and I would go shop at based on who had the best deals.
Monique F. Kendal, Mississauga, Ontario – Greg doesn’t like it when I tidy up all the flyers from the coffee table into the blue box before he gets a chance to look through them.
Lisa Flemington, Kelowna, British Columbia – $3 US in Mexico Baja
Jana C. Uhlik, Santa Familia, Cayo, Belize – 14.95 BZD in San Ignacio, Huang Store.
Emily Burns Smith, San Pedro Belize – We found San Ignacio prices much better than San Pedro’s.
Laurie Norton San Pedro Belize – I had to deal with digging sale flyers out of the blue bin when were in Venice, Florida Monique

Facebook Tip – Frozen watermelon makes for edible ice cubes in fresh juice. Frozen coconut water also makes great ice cubes and adds a nice flavor as they melt.
Likes – Laura Magy, Ambergris Caye Belize, Erin Imagine, Texas, Carrie Tripodi, mainland Belize,
Lisa Flemington, Kelowna British Columbia, Chris Pruner, Boise, Idaho, Kristy Polk Redmon, Elgin Texas, Lydia Langston, Pearsall Texas, Norma Jean Escobar Chin, San Pedro Belize, Ben Popik, San Pedro Belize, Sandi Lee Hamacher Sikkenga, Tucson  Arizona
Comments James Wells, Toronto, Ontario – Frozen watermelon also makes excellent daquiries!

Fun Facebook question from page:
What is the most useful and unusual thing you packed for your trip to Belize that you are really glad you brought?
Likes – Tammy Peterson, North Ambergris Caye
Comments – Emily Burns, San Pedro Belize – Smith Headlamp for biking home from town at night!
Scott Kick, Honolulu, Hawaii – Motion Activated Travel Guard Portable Alarm System with PIR Sensor, is affordable personal protection.
Colin Gage, Kansas City, Missouri – Laura
Mandy Lee, San Pedro, Belize – homemade eco sunscreen & other “body goodies” (actually had my mom ship them down after 2 mos here, couldn’t find similar quality stuff in stores and was going crazy without my stash of the good stuff lol) the sun, salt air, wind and road dust do a number on my skin, hair & feet… yeccch!
Amy Consoli Vedder, Reno, Nevada – My .50ร‚ยข bandana for cooling off while cruising town and my emu oil….doubled as moisturizer and bug off the juice.
Susan Flaherty Charlestown, Massachusetts – Peanut butter and jelly
Sharyn Eggert Cerniglia, Jensen Beach, Florida – My Keurig coffee machine. Because life is too short to drink bad coffee! ๐Ÿ˜‰, San Pedro Belize – 2 boxes of Ikea cutlery, duvet covers and beach umbrella are three on my list. I am sure I will think of a few more.
Sharyn Eggert Cerniglia, Jensen Beach, Florida – Two trips ago I brought a king-sized mattress cover and quilt (for our new Graniel’s bed)

travel alarm
Motion Activated Travel Guard Portable Alarm System
belize prices
Marina’s store has good prices – we shop at mini Marina’s near our house
cost of living in belize
$61 and change worth of junk food from Super Buy South

April 14th – Android phone picture likes and comments – It’s weekend and here is what $61 and change worth of junk food looks like from Super Buy south

Likes – Debra Gannon Milstead San Pedro Belize, DanDeb Swanson Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Emily Burns Smith San Pedro Belize, Dayna Whitmer

Comments – DanDeb Swanson, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin – essentials, right?
Char Perisho, San Pedro Belize, you’re making me hungry!, San Pedro Belize, Total day off essentials.

Here are a few of my past price comparison posts:
Good Morning – 2009 – Outrageous prices list in no particular order from various shops around San Pedro
Comparison shopping follow up – 2009 – After posting the info on the link above, azbob & Brenda from Prescott Arizona and Michelle from Laguna Beach in Southern California both took my list and did a price match. I decided to post all 3 together and have changed my pricing from BZD to USD to make it easier to compare.
Cost of living Belize – 2010 – This post goes out to everyone who is working out living the Belize dream in their own way. It is my biggest comparison shopping post ever, 8 places in total – Caye Caulker Belize – Playa Del Carmen Mexico – San Ignacio Belize – San Pedro Online Grocery – San Pedro Belize – Prescott Arizona – Houston Texas – and Mississauga Canada. Thanks to azbob and Brenda – Jo – Shannon – Michele – Macarena and Yvette for helping me fill in the list for what prices are like where they live.
Cost of living follow up – 2010 – Thanks to everyone who has been responding to yesterdays cost of living in Belize post. I have a great follow up for you that I got from Leona. She detailed her families personal experiences in regards to grocery shopping and other useful things you will want to know in regards to the cost of living in San Pedro Belize.

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