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Belize Internet

We recently found ourselves in a dilemma of what to do for internet after moving upstairs and no longer having our Coral Cable connection. The temporary unlocked wireless connection we were able to get was just enough to barely squeak us by till we made arrangements with Belize Telemedia Limited to get set up.

Our process was relatively easy but did take some time… Last week Paul waited an hour and a half in line – could not wait any longer and gave up. I was in town with Dick and Lisa the next day and we had the opportunity to stop at BTL. When I walked in there were enough people and there was no clear line definition so I quickly devised a plan and was able to get an answer within 10 minutes and be back on the cart. I found out that because we had residency for over a year – the deposit would be $200 bzd and a 512k/1Mb connection is on special for $300 per month. Install charges for phone (which is pay as you go) $110 and DSL line $220. Modem Rental is $30 a month or you have the option to buy one for $310

Saturday Morning Paul went to go pay for everything and the office was closed so he went back yesterday (Monday morning) to square everything up. When he got there they said the deposit was $500 not $200 and said the lesser amount was for a lower connection speed. They said we would have service within 4 days. Luckily the wall hardware is already set up from a previous tenant so it should be an easy turn on.

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10 thoughts on “Belize Internet

  1. slonoma says:

    Garincha just resells Internet from BTL just as most cable companies and Speednet do. Normally the deposit from BTL is like a credit limit…they want to make sure that if you skip town they can use that to cover your bill. Sat Internet is still pretty pricey, but you can check out Tenchtronics for Hughes Net. Keep in mind that when the weather gets funky so does your Sat connect.

  2. Jim says:

    Shia (sp) net from Dangriga has great internet for $40.usd a mo

    They put an antenna facing their tower in Hopkins or Dangriga and get great internet.
    Tell Garincha Jim from Sittee point sent you

    $150usd for installation

  3. tacogirl says:

    Have not checked into that option for a while yet Ice so it may be cheaper now. Cost was the reason we did not go that route before as it was very expensive to get a satellite set up here. I have also heard on coast to coast news recently that due to changing weather conditions satellite will not be as reliable an option in a few years in future. Anyone have any info to share on satellite pricing in Belize?

  4. Ice says:

    TG –

    I used satellite all over Europe and in spots in the US. Sat in western Caribean worked very well and was “reasonable” in pricing. All the cruise ships use Sat. and they work super.

    Just saying…..

  5. tacogirl says:

    Too funny JC – last time I was blown away by the internet was in Mexico. I am looking forward to some sort of difference but really not sure what – I did hear that high speed makes you tube much easier here.

    I forgot to mention those prices are bzd Bob. You might be better to get the bike here Bob or have someone buy it for you if it is a gift.

    Ice… you need a landline to get dsl through BTL here. Once we have that we use our wireless router.

    Our alternatives are coral cable not as fast. We both decided it was time make this jump and because we are both on the internet so much we really are looking forward to seeing how well this new connection will work.

    No idea why the deposit so large and what exactly it covers or what I was told $200 if we have had residency for more than a year or why they told Paul $500 deposit and that $200 was the amount for the lower speed. I did not see any differentiation on the pricing sheet between residential and business. The difference in price depends on the speed you want.

    Thanks for your comment Remo. We do plan to buy modem as it definitly seems like it would be worth it. I heard recently on coast to coast that landline DSL is definitly going to be better to have than satellite for future due to the coming weather changes.

  6. Remo says:

    This reply is for ICE….

    1) I pay $300 Bz ($150US) for a “fast” landline connection. Monthly of course.

    2) BTL has a COMPLETE MONOPOLY and they can dictate prices. If you don’t like it then tooooo bad:(

    3) There is satellite internet but we all know the downsides to that right?
    Landline DSL is solid and very reliable all year round.

    Yes, the prices are insane as compared to what I was paying when living abroad.

    This is for BOB….

    Bob, take a look at this link and see if that might help you?



    Its better to buy your modem and NOT RENT IT. I bought a used modem for $100 BZ and had it for 3 years now. I got my money’s worth already.

    anyway I have to go


  7. Ice says:

    OK, I’m confused.

    1) Is this landline or wireless?

    2) And why is the deposit so outrageous?

    3) Moreover, what are your alternatives?

    PS – Is this for a business connection?

  8. Bob says:

    Those prices are insane. I haven’t checked in a while but I’ll bet you could get a satellite connection cheaper. May BTL burn in hell for what are doing to the people of Belize.
    BTW, I tried to ship a small girls bicycle to Belize yesterday;
    UPS wanted $640 US! Since the demise of DHL shipping parcels to Belize is prohibitive.

  9. JC says:

    so you will soon be on BTL’s “high speed” internet :P. you know, the kind that blows you away as you surf, while still giving you time to make that pot of tea and do that gardening you always wanted to get to. 🙂

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