San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Belize Internet – Part 2

The internet guys came yesterday afternoon to “install the stuff” we told them we had both boxes on the wall and we saw no reason to move them. They plugged some sort of tester looking thing to the wall boxes and I saw a ladder outside so they may have flipped a switch too. Now we have to wait for someone else to come back with our modem and they will configure it. Anyone out there have any Belize internet experiences they want to share? Please leave comment if you do.

There are some good Belize / Latin America and Belize travel Deals from American Airlines out there right now.

Been out shopping with Dick off and on all day. We got some errands done as well. The new Super Buy South is open now I am just loading pics of it in tomorrows post as well as some beach shots from our walk about.

Heading to the beach

Manelly's pic for BCB

White Fence

Dick using his Cruise Value bag

Side Street

2 thoughts on “Belize Internet – Part 2

  1. tacogirl says:

    Ice that really depends on your budget and what area you want to be in. Some places do 6 month min rental. If you email me more details of what you are after tacogirlbelize[at]gmail[dot]com I can give you a recommend or 2.

  2. Ice says:

    Quick question for TG –

    If one were coming to the Cayes for an extended stay, what place would you recommend (like 3-6 months)?

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